'Game of Thrones' Fans React to the Surprising Series Finale's Biggest Moments

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*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

So this is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Game of Thrones came to a close on Sunday with a surprisingly subdued series finale -- save for one shocking death -- that saw a new ruler of Westeros crowned, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) getting sent to the wall, and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) making jokes about brothels during a council meeting.

One of the biggest moments of the night came surprisingly early on in the episode when Jon met with Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and they shared in a touching embrace.

Before Jon straight-up plunged a dagger into Dany's heart, killing her almost instantly. Surprisingly, fans didn't seem too affected by her death (which isn't super surprising considering last week's massacre) but were very broken up when Drogon the dragon discovered her body.

The emotionally devastated dragon reacted by literally melting the Iron Throne with his fire breath and then taking Dany's body and flying off into the horizon, never to be seen again -- and it really seemed to get to people.

Following her death, we immediatly jump ahead a few weeks into the future, where Jon has been taken prisoner along with Tyrion, by Grey Worm, who wants to kill them both. However, at a meeting of the most powerful family heads in Westeros, Tyrion convinces them to elect a new king -- and argues for Bran.

After eight seasons of arguing and guessing as to who would take the throne, fans were not even a little excited that none of the nuance of Jon's lineage mattered at all to the final outcome of events.

Meanwhile, Jon -- the man who we've been following since the first episode and has literally died, been brought back to life, and killed the mad mother of dragons -- completed his journey by heading back right to where he started!

As punishment for killing Dany -- even though it's likely he saved everyone -- he gets sent back to The Wall be a member of the Night's Watch (despite the fact that there's no longer any White Walker threat and the Wildlings are now friendly).

Needless to say, outside of Jon getting a chance to reunite and pet his direwolf, Ghost, Jon's fate was almost more unsatisfying than Bran becoming king.

Ultimately, fans who were unhappy with the last episode weren't exactly swayed by the events of the series finale, and the call for justice just got louder.

From hating on the show-runners to threatening to sue the network for "wasting" eight years of their lives, there was no shortage of people eager to voice their anger over the admittedly lackluster finale.

Following last week's episode, "The Bells," a disgruntled fan started a petition asking HBO to remake season 8 with "competent writers." While it may seem silly to some, the petition has already gathered over 1 million signatures, with that number likely to go up after this finale.

For more on the  fan-driven petition, check out the video below.


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