Gabourey Sidibe Secretly Married Brandon Frankel Over a Year Ago

The actress announced on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' that she is a married woman!

Turns out, Gabourey Sidibe is already married! The 39-year-old actress revealed that she secretly wed Brandon Frankel more than a year ago during Monday's appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan

"The thing about weddings is I don't like them. Here's an example of how much I don't like weddings. I'm actually married. We got married over a year ago," Sidibe told the shocked co-hosts during Monday's show as her husband held up his ring finger in the audience to show off his silver band. 

Sidibe also revealed that the nuptials were anything but traditional, sharing, "We got married at the kitchen table. It was just us." 

While Sidibe knows she's lucky in love, she previously made it clear that she wasn't interested in an elaborate wedding.

"The entire time we have been engaged, I've always been like, 'No, we shouldn't have a wedding.' Maybe we'll throw a barbecue, get married in the bathroom, and then we’ll come out and tell everyone we're married," she told Brides in May 2022.

Sidibe told the magazine that they weren't planning on a bachelor/bachelorette party or having a bridal party, but whatever they decided on for the ceremony, it would include important aspects of their Senegalese and Jewish backgrounds.

"Including my culture [in the wedding] is important to me for sure. I've been feeding him some Senegalese food in the last few years -- especially in the pandemic," she explained. "It will be a nice mix of African and Jewish touches. I want his background to absolutely be there because this is a partnership."

Sidibe and Frankel announced their engagement on Instagram in November 2020.

"It’s weird that people think we’re already married but I guess our hearts and intentions for each other are just that clear to see. My BFF proposed and now I get to hold him forever," she wrote. "The funniest man I’ve ever met. The sweetest human to exist. @brandontour made up a song for when i put my bonnet on at night."

"The second I look a bit stressed and overwhelmed, he jumps into action to take over what he can for me. Every moment with him is a joy," she added. "He is the partner i thought I was too independent to need. I’ve learned so much about myself through him and I feel grateful and excited to learn more about the entire world with him by my side. My partner, my best friend, my cats’ daddy, my mans, my heart, my fiancé!!!"

During her Live With Kelly and Ryan appearance, Sidibe also revealed that Frankel's proposal didn't quite go as planned. She said she went to go turn off a light in the house on her way out the door and found her now-husband's proposal setup complete with rose petals and balloons hours before she was supposed to. 

"He's not that great at planning things," Sidibe quipped of her husband. 

She added that she'd found photos of her engagement ring on his phone a month before he popped the question. 



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