Gabby Windey Details Her Flirtmance With 'Dancing With the Stars' Co-Star Vinny Guadagnino (Exclusive)

Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino
ABC/Andrew Eccles

The 'DWTS' alums haven't been shy about flirting with each other on social media.

Gabby Windey is ready for a date with Vinny Guadagnino -- she's just waiting for him to ask! ET spoke with Gabby as she rehearsed for the upcoming Dancing With the Stars tour, and she opened up about a potential romance with her competitor on the series, with whom she's been flirting on social media.

"Everyone needs to ask Vinny what we're waiting for," Gabby told ET of why she hasn't gone on a date with the Jersey Shore alum yet. "... We do live in different states, so I guess it's kind of hard, but, I mean, he has a car, drive on over to Colorado."

Vinny will be hitting the road for the DWTS tour too, and Gabby sees that as the reality star's last chance to shoot his shot. "If he doesn’t ask me on a date on tour then he's officially dead to me. Heard it here first," she joked.

As for all the fans who are shipping her romance with Vinny, Gabby called the support "amazing."

"I think we just formed a friendship on the show, so it's been fun to flirt in the comments," she said. "Honestly, the response has been so amazing, not that that's been why we're doing it, but to know so many people support us [has been nice]."

"He has a ton of people who love him, the crowd always went wild when he took the floor for dancing, and I think just so many people are in our corner," Gabby added. "... I think it's just sweet. I feel like they kind of feel like they know us as people and we have similar senses of humor, so I feel like their hearts are in the right place. I'm along with them, like, I want to ship me with Vinny too."

In addition to hoping for a "steamy dance" with Vinny on tour, Gabby is looking forward to reconnecting with Daniel Durant, Heidi D'Amelio and Charli D'Amelio, the other celebs who will be along for the ride.

"I'm so excited to see the other celebrities," she said. "... We didn't get to spend that much time together, [though] of course we all bonded and were all rooting for each other truly. It'll be nice to meet again in a less stressful environment."

She is bummed, however, that Val Chmerkovskiy, her DWTS pro, won't be joining the tour.

"It's gonna be so weird going on tour without Val. I mean, he was really my safety net, kind of my protector. We had so many rituals. He knew when I was nervous," she said. "We just had a good energy about us on show day, so I hope there is going to be someone that I can go to when my nerves are getting the best of me."

Overall, though, the DWTS tour is something the one-time Bachelorette can't wait to experience.

"I'm so excited. Honestly, I feel like I have so much pent-up energy. Leaving the show, it was really devastating having it be over so fast. I feel like it's just ripped away, but [being] able to look forward to the tour has really helped me transition," she said. "I get to dance again, have a new experience and I think overall it's just gonna be another first, which I’m so grateful for. Everyone just speaks so highly of the tour and how much fun they have, so I can’t wait."

"I'm most excited about a new experience, and to get really close to the other dancers, and honestly to meet people face-to-face who are in our corner and do love what we do," Gabby added. "I can't wait for the meet and greets and to just tell everyone thank you so much for genuinely giving a s**t about us."

The Dancing With the Stars tour will kick off Jan. 6 in National Harbor, Maryland. Visit for tickets.