Gabby Barrett Shares How Motherhood Will Be Part of Her New Music (Exclusive)

The new mom told ET that there will 'probably be a song' about her daughter this year.

Gabby Barrett is ready to write some songs about her baby girl! ET's Rachel Smith spoke with the 21-year-old country star at the #1 party for her singles, "I Hope" and "The Good Ones," and she revealed that her forthcoming second album will definitely include tracks about her 5-month-old daughter, Baylah.

Barrett and husband Cade Foehner welcomed their daughter in January, following their 2018 meeting on American Idol and their wedding the following year.

"We definitely are going to start writing for album two," Barrett told ET about her follow-up to her debut album, Goldmine. "We were literally discussing it yesterday and today about getting some writes in and actually just me taking time to think about what I want the second album to be about. We're getting it started."

"I've definitely been thinking of ideas as songs that I definitely want to write about, or have towards something, or release it as a single someday. I really like to write about things and show people sides of me, which are genuine to my life," she continued. "Baylah's, of course, genuine to my life, me being her mother. And so I'm sure there will probably be a song about her this year sometime."

Barrett is excitedly soaking in every moment with her baby girl, who she said has "a good mix" of her and Foehner's personalities.

"She's so sweet. She's such a good baby. [We're] extremely blessed. Thank you, Lord," she said. "She is extremely content, very easygoing, very good to travel with, all of those things. She's a sweetie. She just started eating foods. She likes sweet potato and green beans."

The new mom is also loving the "amazing" experience of seeing her husband as a dad to their daughter.

"I don't know what it is that just makes your heart flutter all over again when you see like the person that you fell in love with now loving the person that you made together. It's just like something so special," she gushed. "... Motherhood, loving babies and loving your children, comes so naturally with motherly love and affection, and having your baby close, and you grow them in your tummy, all of that stuff. So when you see the dad that's all macho and manly turn soft... and he's [holding the baby and] all dirty and you're like, 'Ugh, gosh'"

"He's very sweet. He's extremely selfless. He's very patient. He's all the things," Barrett continued of her husband. "Literally, if I had to write down a list, he checks off all of them, all the boxes... If you see him in person, you'll get to know him very quickly and [see] how he is towards me, which I'm very thankful for."

As for if she and Foehner plan to expand their brood, Barrett said, "Definitely not soon -- unless the Lord just decides he wants to give that, then I'm totally OK with that -- but we'll probably wait a little bit and just kind of enjoy [Baylah] and enjoy getting back on the road and stuff. But we'll definitely be adding [to our family] for sure."

The young family is getting ready to hit the road with Thomas Rhett as Barrett supports his Center Point Road Tour, which she is "super excited" to experience with her husband and daughter.

"It's so fun getting to have your spouse play with you, and you get to play to each other and live the dream while your kids travel with you. I'm just very blessed," she said. "... I'm really excited to see people sing the songs... Cade's coming, we own the stage. He goes everywhere with me. Baylah travels with us. I like to be very hands-on with her, so she comes everywhere."

While she waits for the tour's August kickoff, Barrett is excited to promote her latest single, "Footprints on the Moon."

"With my music, I think you are getting to know me as a person through it. I am somebody who really likes to write and release songs in a way that is genuine to me and my life story. So with 'I Hope,' you are kind of getting the heartbreak and the last little bit of anger that was in there," she said of her breakout hit, which she described as a "unicorn song" thanks to its success.

"And then you are kind of getting into my present with 'The Good Ones,' finding love, and falling in love, and having a good one, and having a baby, and all of those things," Barrett continued. "'Footprints on the Moon' is about encouragement and going for your dreams, really just positivity all around, really just pushing yourself to not listen to negative people. That is something that is extremely important to me, because I got pushed down a lot in the process of coming up, so I just want to encourage people as much as I can."