G-Eazy Talks Ashley Benson, Exes and His New Song With blackbear (Exclusive)

The rapper gushes to ET about the actress' singing voice.

G-Eazy is opening up for the first time about his relationship with Ashley Benson! The 31-year-old rapper and his collaborator, blackbear, spoke with ET's Katie Krause about their new song, "Hate the Way," and its subsequent music video, which was released at midnight. 

During their conversation, G-Eazy, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, can't help but gush over Benson, who has already recorded several songs with him. 

"She's an exceptionally talented person  in many different spaces," G-Eazy tells ET of the Pretty Little Liars star. "She's a special one. Obviously, she's a great actress, but, you know, getting to work with her and putting her in front of a microphone and watching her sing so effortlessly, she has this very special tone of voice and texture and something that's very innate to her given that's not her first job or what she's known for. It just blew me away that you can have such a hidden, special talent that the world doesn't get to see as often."

G-Eazy also reveals that he and Benson have written songs together but of the 350 songs he's penned for this album, he isn't sure that one of her tracks will make it on there. 

"They sound like what they sound like," he teases. "And they're in my studio and, you know, maybe one day they'll see the light of day, we'll see." 


G-Eazy, who has also dated Halsey, isn't shying away from painful topics, like toxic relationships, substance abuse, and more in his new music. 

"I've experienced love in my life. I've experienced heartbreak in my life and caused heartbreak in my life and received heartbreak in my life," he says. "The power of music is to express and capture the human experience. We live and we experience things. Music for us is an outlet, a way to channel the things we go through and put into a tangible forum."

G-Eazy notes that he's not trying to make his music "too autobiographical" because there are certain things in his personal life that he wants to keep private. 

"Even if you're in love and sometimes you just want to preserve and protect somebody," he says. "...Just keeping some of that protected."

As for speculation that some of his music could be about particular exes or other stars, the artist says that won't keep him from creating. 

"What are you supposed to do as a creative? Stop writing from the heart or stop writing all together? Stop doing music videos? Stop doing what you do?" he asks. "You got to pull from somewhere and we're allowed to write. This is our purpose of what we do."

While his pal, blackbear, whose real name is Matthew Tyler Musto, recently became a first-time father, G-Eazy plays coy about whether kids are in his future.

"We shall see. You can't fast forward the movie," he teases. "You gotta watch it the whole way through."

Calling blackbear's life as a new dad "exciting," G-Eazy adds, "I mean one day, who knows?"