Fox News Reporter Alicia Acuna Hugs Her Son On Air While Reporting on Shooting at His School

Alicia Acuna
Fox News/KCNC Denver

The reporter had been covering the frightening incident, and was getting information on the scene from her son.

Fox News field reporter Alicia Acuna emotionally embraced her son during a live broadcast while reporting on the scene of a shooting at his high school.

Acuna was outside East High School in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, following a harrowing incident in which a student brought a handgun to campus and opened fire on school administrators during a search.

The emotional reunion between Acuna and her son happened during her report when she saw her child emerge from the school across the street and excused herself to run and hug him.

"I’m sorry, I have not seen my kid since this all went down," Acuna said to camera as she stepped away to give her son a hug. As they embraced, Acuna told her son she had to finish her report "real quick."

When she returned, Acuna said that her son was OK, and explained that her son was the one who first alerted her to the shooting.

She was working at her desk when her son texted her that there were "police officers everywhere." Acuna's niece also attends East High School, and was hiding in a closet texting her mom, Acuna's sister, during the frightening incident.

Acuna explained that her son was "the one who was telling me what was happening" during the school's lockdown, as she reported on the scene.

The shooter, a 17-year-old male student -- fled the scene of the shooting and is still at large.

This is the second gun-related incident to rock the high school this year. A student was fatally shot near the school on Feb. 13. The death resulted in a protest and walkout by students calling for gun control regulation.