'For All Mankind' Cast Describes the Apple TV Plus Drama in 10 Seconds or Less! (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the cast at the 'For All Mankind' premiere and tasked them with a very important mission!

This is one small step for your screens, but one giant leap for Apple TV+.

Apple's streaming service officially launches today with a star-studded lineup of new shows including For All Mankind -- the latest space-centric drama from Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: The Next Generation executive producer Ronald D. Moore.

The series is a blast into America's past, but with a history-altering twist.

"It starts in 1969 and everyone is expecting that Apollo 11 is going to be the first to make it to the moon and then at the last minute, the Russians come in and snag the prize," Moore explained to ET at the series' red carpet premiere in Los Angeles in October.

"It really shocks the country and it changes the priorities on a national level," Moore continued. "The Nixon administration goes all-in on the program and it just changes world history at that moment... The alternate history begins at that moment in time and the repercussions just keep dominoing further and further into the series."

If that premise sounds a bit like rocket science, then we've got you covered!

ET asked Joel KinnamanShantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones and many more of For All Mankind's cast members to embark on a stellar mission to describe the drama in 10 seconds or less -- and their answers are out of this world!

Press play on our video above to find out which star would make Houston proud, and who had a total failure to launch.

For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.