Celebrity Fit or Fad: Kimora Lee Simmons

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Kimora Lee Simmons has reportedly lost 25 pounds due to "not eating a whole lot." The question is what does that mean for her? The wife of Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou tells PopEater that portion control is the regimen that helped her lose the weight and that she eats "leaner proteins and vegetables and stuff like that." However, she's also shared with StyleList that she gets on the treadmill every day. She implies that working out is new for her saying, "It's a new decade, and I'm realizing that the girl I was in my 20s is gone. I'm growing up and realized I had to make changes. I've got to work out now."

Speculation about her weight has been swirling since last year when she exited Baby Phat as Creative Director, the fashion label she and ex-hubby Russell Simmons started. Page Six quotes an insider as saying "It costs thousands of dollars to airbrush her because she's a size 10." Could this be the reason for the weight loss? Kimora does not say. About her new way of eating, she does share her idea of a good breakfast: spinach, turkey bacon, egg whites, and orange juice. And when she's not on the treadmill, her three children should keep her running around. She's also working on two fashion lines, KLS and Kouture by Kimora, a Macy's exclusive, as well as a skincare line called Shinto Clinical.

Verdict: Fit
So is portion control, lean proteins and veggies, and the treadmill a healthy way to go to lose weight? Yes, yes, and yes. The USDA's 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommends lean protein choices, consuming fewer calories from foods and beverages in addition to increased physical activity for losing weight. The Mayo Clinic staff demystifies portion control in their "Guide to Portion Control For Weight Loss." The slide show teaches how portions and serving sizes vary and gives suggestions on how to eat the right portions of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats each day.