EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx Laughs Off Katie Holmes Pics as Jay Pharoah Impersonates Him at 'White Famous' Premiere

The 49-year-old actor hilariously played coy when ET asked him to talk about his rumored romance with the brunette beauty.

Jamie Foxx is playing coy about his rumored romance with Katie Holmes!

ET caught up with the 49-year-old actor at the premiere of his new comedy series, White Famous, in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where we asked him to talk about those PDA-filled beach photos with the brunette beauty.

ET's Kevin Frazier began the interview by telling Foxx he set the internet on fire with "those pics," which you can see HERE. But when asked what the story was behind them, Foxx hilariously replied, "White Famous, come see us. Me and Kevin Frazier playing table tennis."

Although Foxx remained tight-lipped about Holmes, he was an open book while discussing the all-new series, which premieres Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. In the show, Jay Pharoah plays Floyd Mooney, an up-and-coming comedian. The role is based on Foxx's early experiences as a black male, trying to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry while trying to become "white famous."

"This is an incredible journey for Jay Pharoah," Foxx said. "It's sort of like an undercurrent for African American comedians. That how do you -- how do you do your act, me coming from the comedy act theater. I never went to Sunset boulevard [in Los Angeles] until it was actually time to audition for In Living Color. I did all my jokes in the hood, in Crenshaw."

"And then, you know, that step of being OK now I'm mainstream, white famous," he continued. "We took that incredible idea of showing Jay, using some of the stories that I've gone through, to where it's this guy trying to hold on to where he started. But then opening up to that mainstream and what you have to give up, you know?"

Foxx continued on, giving a tease from the premiere episode's first scene.

"This is what I told Jay. I said, 'Jay, you never want to meet your heroes. So if Jamie Foxx is your hero and you come into his trailer, you should be like, What is going on with this dude?'" Foxx explained. "There's always been the thing [for comedians] of like, should you wear a dress? Like me wearing a dress when I played Wanda, Martin, all of the great comics that have done it, but ... some come at you like, 'Yo, man. You had to wear dress, you had to sell out.' So [you see] me in the pilot episode trying to see if [Jay] will compromise and wear the dress. Every comedian out there ... they're going to understand what that is. And we're showing the world what it really is."

ET also caught up with Pharoah on the red carpet, who flawlessly impersonated Foxx during our interview.

See it all go down in the video below!