Eva Longoria on Portraying the Image of a Hero With Her Film 'Flamin' Hot'

'Flamin Hot' tells the story of former PepsiCo employee Richard Montañez.

Eva Longoria is on a mission to inspire with her upcoming movie, Flamin' Hot

In June, the actress will make her directorial debut with the film that tells the story of former PepsiCo executive, Richard Montañez, who began his career as a janitor in the Frito-Lay company and worked his way up as one of the minds behind the Flamin' Hot Cheetos snack. 

The film -- based on Montañez's memoir, of the same name -- will focus on his journey from gang life in Los Angeles, to one of the most successful snack marketing executives. 

The film will not only celebrate Montañez but shine a light on a snack that Longoria said has been a staple in the Latino community. 

"I was sent the script and fell in love with the story," Longoria said during a recent interview with Fast Company. "It was really one of the only things where I was like, 'I am the only person who can tell this story.' I knew the community, I knew Richard. I was Richard and the way his story inspired and motivated me, I wanted to make a film that did that for the greater audience."

Longoria, 48, shared that she has been inspired by Montañez and his story for a long time. The Desperate Housewives alum shared that the former executive is the true definition of a hero.

"I get to paint the idea of what a hero looks like to me," she told the publication. "And that hero looks like Richard."

Fast Company

The actress admits that upon first being pitched the idea, Montañez was skeptical when it came to speaking about his past. However, she says she assured him that she wanted the world to see the truth behind his inspiring rise to success. 

 "He’s not that person anymore, so I had to show him that I understood that, while also convincing him that I needed to show that trajectory,” she told the publication. “I wanted to show him the power of that journey. I’m a Latina. This is a Latino story. If this doesn’t do well, the message will be that stories about Latinos told by Latinos don’t work. We get very few at-bats."

Flamin' Hot streams on Hulu and Disney+ June 9