'Euphoria's Angus Cloud Shares the Terrifying Story Behind His Head Scar

Angus Cloud
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Euphoria star Angus Cloud told the story behind the curved scar that runs along the left side of his scalp, an injury that almost killed him before his career even began. The 24-year-old actor opened up about the harrowing injury in the 2022 Power of Young Hollywood issue of VARIETY

"It's real," he told the outlet. "I broke my skull on Friday the 13th."

In 2013, Cloud was walking down a darkly lit street in his hometown of downtown Oakland when he fell into a construction pit below. 

"I woke up 12 hours later at the bottom," he said. "I was trapped. I eventually climbed out after -- I don't know how long. It was hella hard to climb out, because my skull was broken, but my skin wasn't, so all the bleeding was internal, pressing up against my brain. But they wasn't gonna find me down there. I found myself. Or God found me, whatever you want to call it."

He pulled himself out of the hole -- at least 10 feet by his estimation -- with broken fingers, blurry vision, and internal bleeding around his skull. "But I didn’t feel no pain," he said. "I was in survival mode, you feel me?"

Upon his escape, Cloud took the bus to his mom's house. "Because I was a kid!" he said. "I was 14 or 15. She thought I was on drugs, 'cause my pupils was hella dilated. I was trying to tell her what happened, but I could only start a sentence -- I couldn't finish it. So I was like, 'I'm just gonna go sleep in my bed.'"

His mom, worried for his safety, refused to allow him to sleep and took him to the hospital where the medical team ultimately saved his life. 
"That's what the scar's from," Cloud explained. "They cut my head open, they put some screws and a plate over where I broke my skull and -- sh**, sealed me back up, and that was that."

Cloud was intensely lucky. These days, the accident is merely a memory, the only noticeable damage being a minor change in his voice's cadence. 

"I mix the front of one word with the back of the next," he explained. "I'll scribble-scrabble two words together. Mix-match."

Though mainly known for his role as Fezco in Euphoria, Cloud is also starring in Ethan Berger's upcoming thriller, The Line. The film, co-written by Berger and Alex Russek, was described by Deadline as "a coming-of-age thriller at a university that encapsulates the wild excitement of being young and the dangers of living without fear of consequences."


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