Emma Watson Has Perfect Reaction to Being Mistaken for Emma Roberts in 'Harry Potter' Reunion Special

Producers previously admitted to accidentally using a childhood photo of Emma Roberts when talking about Emma Watson in the special.

Emma Watson doesn't seem particularly bothered by the recent mixup in the HBO Max special Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. The 31-year-old British actress, who played Hermione Granger in all eight Potter films, appeared in the special, reflecting on the franchise and her time as a witch. 

In one scene, she discussed auditioning for the breakout role, and the footage cut to what appeared to be a throwback photo of her as a little girl. 

However, one fan pointed out that it was not, in fact, Watson in the photo of the little girl with Minnie Mouse ears, but rather actress Emma Roberts. Roberts, 30, had posted the throwback photo to her own Instagram account all the way back in 2012. 

On Wednesday, Watson posted the same pic to her own account, jokingly writing, "I was NOT this cute, @emmaroberts 😂 #emmasistersforever."

Though Roberts hasn't yet replied to the message, producers for the special did previously acknowledge the mishap

"Well spotted Harry Potter fans! You brought an editing mistake of a mislabeled photograph to our attention. New version up shortly," the producers said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly earlier this week. 

This wasn't the only mistake the special made. Real-life twin brothers James and Oliver Phelps, who appeared in the reunion, were mislabeled during one of their interview scenes, which Oliver, who played George Weasley to James' Fred Weasley, pointed out on Instagram. 

"↔️ I guess after all those pranks over the years somebody decided to get their revenge," Oliver wrote on Instagram. "It was fantastic to be part of the HP reunion. Hope you all enjoyed it. #ReturnToHogwarts."

For more from the special, watch the clip below: 


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