Emma Roberts Reveals Why Kim Kardashian Laughed After They Kissed on 'American Horror Story: Delicate'

Kim Kardashian plays the high-profile publicist of Emma Roberts' character on 'American Horror Story: Delicate.'

Beware the gloss! Emma Roberts reveals that kissing Kim Kardashian isn't necessarily the sexy affair it appears to be on Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Delicate

In Part 2 of the season, which is currently streaming on Hulu, Roberts' Anna Victoria Alcott is seen locking lips with Kardashian's Siobhan Corbin, her character's publicist, in one steamy scene. 

"It's kind of like another day at the office, but my sister was like, 'No, it's not. You kissed Kim Kardashian and didn't tell me,'" the 33-year-old actress recalled on Wednesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Roberts told Fallon that she forgot about the scene and said that seeing it back later made it look "so intense." However, things weren't quite as sexy on set. 

Emma Roberts on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' - Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

"We were laughing," she said of herself and the 43-year-old reality TV mogul on set. "We kissed and they said, 'Cut,' and Kim looked at me and started laughing and I was like, 'What?' I just had her gloss all over my face and so we had to do major cleanup in between takes because she has the most perfect, glossy lips, obviously, and it was everywhere."

Of course, Kardashian previously had her KKW Beauty makeup line and is the older sister of Kylie Jenner, who rose to fame in the business world for her Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, so it makes sense that her gloss game would be intense. 

Back in January, Roberts teased Part 2 of American Horror Story: Delicate when speaking with ET

"American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 is -- it goes all out," she said at the time. "I mean, even I was shocked at where it goes. It really explores, you know, the themes of motherhood and kind of, can we have it all? And I think the answer is more complex than yes or no."

American Horror Story is now airing on FX and streaming on Hulu.