Emma Chamberlain Says 'Boredom and Silence' In Life Inspires 'Anything Goes' Podcast (Exclusive)

The internet personality's 'Anything Goes' podcast is coming to Spotify!

Emma Chamberlain may be taking her Anything Goes podcast to the next level with her partnership with Spotify -- but she is still keeping things cozy.

Last year, the internet personality and the streaming giant announced their collaboration on Anything Goes, which will bring more episodes, some video and see Chamberlain leading production. It's no secret that the 21-year-old films from the comfort of her bed. However, it's the moments fans don't see that are where the real magic happens. 

"Ninety-five percent of the preparation I need to record a podcast happens in the moments that are undocumented," Chamberlain tells ET in an exclusive statement. "In recent months, my podcast has grown to represent the topics that I find to be mind-expanding, and constant growth is necessary in order to have something to discuss every week."

According to Chamberlain, the secret is time with herself.

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"A lot of my life is recorded and documented in some way, but in order to evolve as a person, I must have a lot of time for myself. It’s crucial that I have moments of boredom and silence, because that is when my mind starts to wander, and I allow myself to hypothesize about things, analyze things, and research things," she shares. "My podcast inspires me to live life to the fullest in a way, feel emotions deeply, try uncomfortable things, and challenge everyday life. I wouldn’t have anything to talk about if I didn’t live this way, the process of creating Anything Goes is a daily endeavor."

And when she says anything goes, she means it. 

"I must say though, I don’t always feel inspired to talk about challenging or mind-expanding topics," she admits. "Sometimes I want to tell a random story or discuss whether or not I think a fashion trend is cute. I don’t force myself to talk about anything in particular, I give myself complete creative freedom. but the foundation of Anything Goes lies in the experiences I have in everyday life. The mundane moments, the magical moments, the stupid moments, and the heartbreaking moments."

 Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain is available now, exclusively for free, on Spotify.