Elizabeth Chambers Says Ex Armie Hammer Was 'the Worst' While Quarantining

Elizabeth Chambers is being frank about quarantining with Armie Hammer in the Cayman Islands.

Elizabeth Chambers is being frank about quarantining with her now-estranged husband, Armie Hammer, in the Cayman Islands. 

In a newly published interview with Elle, which took place in November 2022, Chambers recalled the period she spent with Hammer, their two children and his late father and stepmother. "He was the worst," she tells the magazine. 

She also shared how Hammer's decision to leave the Cayman Islands and head near Joshua Tree in California, where he helped a friend refurbish an abandoned motel, affected her. "My heart was broken in nine million pieces," she tells Elle, "and I still drove him to the airport."

Adds the BIRD Bakery founder, "You can give, you can love, you can be there for someone, but you also need to hold people accountable for their actions."

While it's unclear exactly when he traveled to California, Hammer confirmed he was there in September 2020 at the time of an interview with British GQ, in which he described quarantining with his family in an apartment. "We’d be looking out at the ocean, but couldn’t go in the ocean; looking at the beach, but couldn’t go on the beach. We couldn’t leave the apartment, couldn’t go in the pool, couldn’t do anything. So it was a really concentrated family time, which is really great with the kids, but it was intense," he described. 

Hammer admittedly did not handle the time well and later sought the help of a therapist. "It was a very complicated, intense situation, with big personalities all locked in a little tiny place. It was tough, man. I’d never dealt with anything like that before in my life, so I didn’t have the tools. It was just this thing that snuck up on everybody," he said. "I don’t think I handled it very well. I think, to be quite frank, I came very close to completely losing my mind. I just felt completely powerless. And I was on an island where the lockdown was so severe that mail couldn’t even come in. I felt so intensely trapped, like a wolf who got caught in a snare and wants to chew his own foot off. I was just like, 'I can’t do this. Get me out of here.'" 

By the time his GQ interview was published, it had been nearly three months since he and Chambers announced their split and she filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage. According to a new AIR MAIL interview with Hammer, she has not yet signed their divorce agreement. 

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Addressing the end of her marriage, Chambers tells Elle, "The dissolution of my family was literally my biggest fear of my whole life... You’re building something, right? You’re weaving a beautiful tapestry, and the last thing you want is for a knife to come and rip the tapestry in half."

Chambers also touched on the allegations against her ex, telling Elle, “I was learning things as the public was."

"I was like, 'There are no words. What the f**k?'" she continues. It was not specified which allegations Chambers was referring to. Among claims from multiple women about his sexual fantasies, Hammer has been accused of rape and mental, emotional and sexual abuse by a woman named Effie. In a statement previously shared by his attorney, Andrew Brettler, Hammer "maintained that all of his interactions with [Effie] -- and every other sexual partner of his for that matter -- have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory." 

Hammer more recently told AIR MAIL, "This alleged rape was a scene that was her idea. She planned all of the details out, all the way down to what Starbucks I would see her at, how I would follow her home, how her front door would be open and unlocked and I would come in, and we would engage in what is called a ‘consensual non-consent scene,’ CNC." AIR MAIL also reported, "Hammer claims that in each of his sexual encounters, and at every stage, consent was asked for and received."

While the Los Angeles Police Department previously confirmed to ET that Hammer is the main suspect in a sexual assault investigation initiated in February 2021, he has not been charged with any crime. 

As for her own future, Chambers recently told ET, "I do believe that everything is happening according to God's will and I think there's nothing that we can't handle and I'm excited what God has in store for me."