Eiza González Is the New Face of Louis Vuitton

Eiza Gonzalez

The 31-year-old 'I Care a Lot' actress expressed how it feels to be a Mexican woman representing the luxury brand.

Eiza González is the new face of Louis Vuitton.

The 31-year-old I Care a Lot actress stars in the luxury brand's new campaign for their fragrance, On the Beach. González wrote on Instagram that she was "beyond honored" for her new role, as well as shared a photo of herself in sunset-inspired body paint.

González, who was born in Mexico City, also expressed how it feels to be a Mexican woman representing Louis Vuitton.

"I grew up watching all these beauty campaigns in the ’90s and I wouldn’t see a lot of Mexican women in them, especially in these large-scale brands," she told Vogue. "It was always kind of sold to me that I had to be a specific style of woman to be it, and the fact that girls in Mexico who are brown and Latina like me will see a campaign like this and recognize themselves in it with the scale of the brand makes me so honored and happy."

"It’s normalizing an image for people and making people feel included and seen," she added.

ET spoke with González ahead of the release of her hit Netflix thriller co-starring Rosamund Pike, where she touched on playing a badass character, as well as shedding predisposed ideas of roles she should play.

"My role was just crucial for Marla's role. Fran is a foil of Marla and she's a grand component of the film," she explained. "It was fun for me to play a role that I hadn't done before and hadn't been allowed to play too because of the predisposed ideas of what I should be playing."

"And it was fun to have a director that broke those norms with me," she said, adding, "Yes, [I didn't have to be the token Latina]."

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