Drew Barrymore Says She Had Vision and Hair Loss Amid Stress of Keeping a Secret

The talk show host opened up to her guest, Ricki Lake, about her past struggles.

Drew Barrymore is opening up about how secrets and stress have physically affected her in the past. The 45-year-old actress spoke to guest Ricki Lake on Tuesday's episode of her self-titled talk show. 

"I have had some really intense secrets at certain times in my life and it really did have an amazing physical effect on me," Barrymore shared with Lake. "I was in a hospital at one point getting MRIs. I lost sight, my stomach was distended. I had hair loss." 

Praising Lake for going public with her own hair loss journey last year, Barrymore went on to add, "Stress is so physical and yet we're so afraid to tell someone what's really going on and I get convinced that the other side is worse." 

Barrymore didn't clarify exactly what time in her life she was referring to, but she did talk about not missing her youth. 

"I would never want to go backwards. I fear ever being in my '20s again. Boy, gosh, I had so much fun... but growing up is not overrated," she said. 

The talk show host also jokingly added that she's relieved to be doing her show at this point in her life, saying, "I'm only just now the least screwed up I've ever been." 

Barrymore has been very open on her show about past traumas and hard times, including her divorce from her ex-husband, Will Kopelman. She also recently reunited with her other ex-husband, Tom Green, on the talk show. Watch the clip below for more.