Don Cheadle Jokingly Tells Jason Sudeikis to Wrap Up His Golden Globes Speech

The 'Ted Lasso' star also got plenty of attention for his tie-dye hoodie.

Jason Sudeikis had plenty to say during his Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series -- Musical or Comedy for his role on Ted Lasso.

The actor won the award over Don Cheadle, Nicholas Hoult, Ramy Youssef and Eugene Levy and was at first struggling to find words after Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson announced him as the winner. He then went into a long speech thanking his co-stars for the win.

"Here's what I'll say, I'll say this -- I want to thank everyone who works on the show," he said. "I read this book to my son, Otis, called The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy and he has three questions like, 'When's the best time to do things? What is the right thing to do? And then who's the most important one?' And that last question, who's the most important one, is the person you're with. So, I kind of reject the premise of being best actor because in my humble opinion, the best actor is the person you're acting with, so I want to give a shout-out to all the people I get to act with on this show."

At this point, Cheadle started giving him the sign to wrap his speech up as Sudeikis kept talking. Meanwhile, his fellow nominees also started laughing. Sudeikis acknowledged he was taking up a lot of time.

"And Don's right, I need to wrap this puppy up, never been my forte," he said. "Thank you, I appreciate you guys and shout-out to my fellow nominees."

Sudeikis also got plenty of attention on social media for accepting his award in a tie-dye hoodie.

Following his win, Sudeikis spoke to reporters and was a good sport about Cheadle wrapping him up.

"Hey, that’s just Kansas City love," he said. "If anybody's gonna tell me to wrap it up, he knew I'd listen to him, that's all that is. You know, a lot people don't know that he’s an excellent stage manager as well as a, you know, American acting icon. Like, the guy's got chops, you know?"

He also addressed his now much talked-about hoodie, explaining that it's from his sister's fitness company, Forward Space.

"I believe when people that you care about do cool, interesting things, then you should, you know, support them," he said. "So, this is no different than that. I have a multitude of hoodies I could've worn for a multitude of things I believe in and support and, you know, this one seemed the most appropriate."

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