Dolph Lundgren Reveals What It Was Like Filming ‘Aquaman 2’ With Amber Heard (Exclusive)

Dolph Lundgren tells ET that he hasn’t spoken to Amber Heard since filming 'Aquaman 2' last year.

Dolph Lundgren spoke with ET on Saturday about his experiences working with Amber Heard while filming Aquaman 2 last year. The 64-year-old actor filmed the upcoming DC sequel at the same time as The Expendables 4 while in Europe last summer, though he hasn’t talked to Heard since. 

"I haven’t spoken to Amber," Lundgren told ET's Will Marfuggi on Saturday. "I mean she was great during the shooting." Though he's not sure of the actress' status, Lundgren said the film is "looking great from what I hear." Its release is currently set for March 2023. 

For now, Lundgren is focused on his debut in Minions: Rise of Gru which hits theaters on July 1. He plays Svengance, a Viking roller skater from the 1970s. Though Lundgren hasn't seen the film yet, he told ET that "I heard he’s one hell of a roller skater." 

"It's a tough world out there today and I think people just want to escape and have fun and this is great for the whole family," he said of the Minions charm. "It's exciting, it's fun."

Speaking of tough, Lundgren is excited for more action with the Aquaman and Expendables releases up next. "I was lucky to do both pictures," he said, "It's going to be, you know, big ass kicking," he joked about the thriller-action in both films.