Did Monica Lewinsky Vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Kathy Griffin Says She Knows the Answer

Monica Lewinsky had an affair with former President Bill Clinton while she was an intern at the White House.

Kathy Griffin says she has the scoop on who Monica Lewinsky voted for in the 2016 presidential election. The 61-year-old comedian appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live where she spoke about her high-profile dinner parties where she invites celebrity guests.

Griffin said she invited Lewinsky to one of the parties, seating her next to "a bunch of really smart people and journalists."

The veteran jokester called Lewinsky "lovely and really easy going and fun and funny," and said she asked her whether she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she ran against Donald Trump. Griffin noted that Lewinsky said no one had ever asked her that question before. 

"She did [vote for Clinton]," Griffin revealed. "She said, 'I couldn't let my own issues get in the way. I couldn't vote for Trump. So yes, of course I voted for Hillary.'"

In the '90s, Lewinsky made headlines when it was revealed she had an affair with Hillary's husband, then-President Bill Clinton. The scandal derailed the then-White House intern's career and life. 

In recent years, Lewinsky has reclaimed her public persona, speaking out about the injustice she faced as a woman in her early 20s. She served as a producer on Ryan Murphy's Impeachment: American Crime Story, which detailed the scandal. Lewinsky was played by Beanie Feldstein in the series. 

In a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she shared, “And just because I wasn’t on the news every night for 20 years in the same way that I was in 1998 doesn’t mean that this story ended. Ten years on, I still could not get a job. I couldn’t support myself.”