'Desperate Housewives' Stars Eva Longoria and Jesse Metcalfe Reunite for Cute Pic

The former co-stars shared a hug as they smiled for a friendly snapshot.

Two decades after Desperate Housewives debuted -- and nearly 12 years after it came to a close -- stars Eva Longoria and Jesse Metcalfe reunited in Sin City.

Metcalfe ran into Longoria in Las Vegas on Monday, and the duo were all smiles as they posed together -- with Metcalfe sporting a tan button-down shirt and black pants, as Longoria rocked a stylish long, dark jacket.

Metcalfe, 45, shared a snapshot of the chance encounter to his Instagram story, showing the former co-stars (whose characters shared an illicit affair) embracing and posing for the pic.

“Nothin’ like running into an old friend! Love you @evalongoria," Metcalfe wrote over the beaming photo.

Longoria took to her own Instagram story later in the day and shared Metcalfe's post, to which she added, "Reunited in Vegas!"

Jesse Metcalfe/Instagram


On the hit ABC dark dramedy series, Metcalfe -- then 25 -- played the attractive teenage gardener John Rowland, who carried on an adulterous affair with Longoria's Gabrielle Solis -- one of the show's titular desperate housewives.

Metcalfe was a series regular during the show's premiere season, but his character made fewer appearances as the show went on and the storylines developed. Longoria's Solis, however, was a stalwart, and stayed with the show throughout all eight seasons.

Longoria spoke with ET last June and reflected warmly on her time on the show.

"I love that show so much, I miss my time on the show," she shared. "I miss Gabby. I miss being Gabby; she was so fun, and she said and did things I wish I could say and do."

"I just remember pinching myself. I remember reading the script and going, 'Well, this will never go,' because it was so different," she continued. "It wasn't a comedy and it wasn't a drama. Nobody knew what we were and when we did the first table read, it was like goosebumps, because it was the entire cast and it was the first time we all had met."

Longoria also revealed that Metcalfe wasn't even the original actor cast as the gardener -- the initial star was "a younger kid."

"They recast him because they're like, 'He really looks 16!' And then they cast Jesse and [he] was 25 when he did the show. He was 25 playing 16, and I was 27 playing 40. So Jesse and I were actually the same age so we didn't feel weird, but it was definitely much better chemistry and better for the story that it was Jesse. And it was so iconic! I remember Jesse and I going everywhere together and people still come up to me and ask me like, 'Tell me about the gardener.'"