Demi Lovato Releases Song 'Still Alive' for 'Scream VI' Soundtrack: See the Horror-Inspired Music Video

The 30-year-old singer released the original song for the upcoming horror flick.

Demi Lovato is taking on Ghostface! The 30-year-old pop star released her new original song, "Still Alive," on Friday, which is featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming horror film, Scream VI.

Lovato belts out her pop rock anthem, singing, "I'm still alive. I don't want to just survive. Give me something to sink all my teeth in. Eat the devil and spit out my demons."

Seemingly referencing her own personal demons and health scares, Lovato goes on to sing, "Went to hell but I'm back and I'm breathing, make me bleed but my heart is still beating."

In the subsequent music video for the new song, Lovato and some friends visit a hotel for a special screening of the new horror film, starring Courteney Cox and Jenny Ortega.

But things take a turn when Ghostface attacks Lovato and her pals, causing them to face off against the iconic villain.

Lovato takes on the part of the "final girl" as she is the last one standing against Ghostface.

The former child star described herself as a "huge fan" of the Scream films, saying, "I couldn't think of a more perfect home for 'Still Alive' than within the Scream universe."

Scream VI hits theaters on March 10.