David Foster and Katharine McPhee's 2-Year-Old Son Is a Total Drumming Prodigy: Watch

The talented kiddo showed off his impressive skillset on his composer dad's Instagram.

Baby rockstar! Rennie Foster has music in his blood, so it's only logical that he'd have some natural abilities. The 2-year-old son of performer Katharine McPhee and musician and composer David Foster showed off his impressive talents in a new video from his proud dad.

"PROGRESS!! 2yrs 3mon," Foster captioned the impressive clip of Rennie wearing protective headphones while jamming out on a full drum kit, cymbals and all.

Rennie is clearly gifted, showing off the skillset of a seasoned drummer at such an early age.

The commenters on the post had fun complimenting Rennie's talents, with one joking, "How does this even happen? Are there lessons involved? When my son was 2 he took a class where we sat in a circle and banged sticks together. Lol."

Another commenter wrote, "Tell me your parents are David and Katherine without telling me your parents are David and Katherine."

This isn't the first time Rennie has showed off his skills on his dad's Instagram. He's been shocking fans since before he even turned two.

Back in October 2022, David and Katharine opened up to ET about about their musical son.

"You know, when you look at somebody like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, their kids are very talented... but they're not tennis players, so we don't know," David shared at the time. "He's so young."

"It makes sense that he'd be musical, but we're not really sure," Katharine added. "He's certainly obsessed with the drums!"


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