'Dancing With the Stars' Halloween Night Ends With Gruesome Elimination -- See Who Got the Axe!

Follow along with ET as we break down all the biggest ballroom moments from Monday's new night of competition.

Dancing With the Stars returned on Monday and things are getting spooky on the dance floor.

With eight couples still haunting the halls of the DWTS studios and trying to scare up a mirrorball trophy victory, Halloween Night has finally come and fans are getting the chance to see what kind of terrifying tangos and other devilish dances the couples will perform before one pair gets the axe.

As Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli judge the performances - and hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews add their own commentary to the creepy competition,  ET is following along throughout the two-hour Halloween spooktacular to break down all the best dances, exciting moments and the most frightening footwork.

The show kicked off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET is bringing you all the highlights in real time.

Who Got the Axe at the End of Halloween Night?

Dancing With the Stars once again ended in shock, surprise and sorrow as the final two came down to Kate and Pasha, as well as Karamo and Jenna -- despite the fact that Sean and Lindsay had, by far, the lowest scores of the night.

It all came down to the judges to vote. Carrie Ann voted for Karamo, based on how much he's grown as a dancer, while Bruno voted for Kate.

Len settled it, after expressing how neither couple should be there, by voting for Kate. Which means we had to bid farewell to Karamo.

However, he took the news like a champ, dancing across the stage to give hugs to the judges before his castmates literally lifted him into the air to express their live and support.

Here's how the couples stand at the end of the evening:

Ally & Sasha - 27
James & Emma - 27
Kel & Witney - 27
Lauren & Gleb - 27
Hannah & Alan - 25
Kate & Pasha - 24
Sean & Lindsay - 18

Team Treat Taps Into Terror With Freaky Freestyle

Team Treat is turning to nightmares for inspiration for their frightening freestyle.

Appropriately set to "Sweet Dreams" -- marking the second time tonight Karamo got the chance to dance to a Beyonce tune -- the women of Team Trick dress up like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, while the guys are their innocent, sleeping victims.

"That was nightmarishly entertaining," Bruno marvels, before adding, "Not everyone was always on time, but I appreciated the effort."

Carrie Ann says she gives "most valuable dancer" to Kate.

Len says he "liked the fun of it" and calls it "wonderful entertainment."

As for their scores, the group earned three 8s, for a total of 24 out of 30.

Team Trick Slays With 'Fantasic' Mix of Styles

Group routines can always be hard, but Team Trick has the advantage of being made up of most of the season's best dancers.

So, for their team dance, set to Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me," the group delivered a formidable, sexy, number filled with black-on-black ensembles, creepy faceless masks, green lasers and a whole lot of fog.

Len says it was a "lovely mix" of different kind of dances and that it was all put together with "fantastic" choreography.

Bruno praises the number for being "elegant and dramatic at the same time."

Carrie Ann says simply, "I loved it."

The group earned three 9s (yet again) for a total of 27 out of 30.

Team Dance Time!

Len is dividing up the stars into Team Trick and Team Treat for the traditional Halloween Night team dances.

Team Trick is made up of Ally, Hannah, James and Lauren.

Team Treat has Karamo, Kate, Kel and Sean.

Kate & Pasha Play a 'Wicked Game' With Sexy Rumba

Kate is showing off some serious sensuality this week in a sultry take on the Little Red Riding Hood tale.

For their rumba, set to "Wicked Game", The Office star and her pro partner delivered a much sexier number than they've done before.

Kate wowed in a flowing red gown while Pasha channeled former DWTS pro Mark Ballas with his creepy wolf costume.

Bruno says it's "a beautiful and haunting rumba," while Carrie Ann says Kate is "shining very brightly."

Len, once again, has nothing but praise of Pasha's choreography, and called the dance a "knock out performance."

"My dad goes to church every day. He's gonna have a problem with this," Kate jokes with Erin after the judges feedback after getting some love for her sexy performance.

The pair earn three 8s for a total of 24 out of 30.

Sean & Lindsay Do the 'Monster Mash'

"Guys like Frankenstein and guys like me probably have the same natural rhythm and movement," Sean says, in the pre-taped package, delivering possibly the most correct thing he's ever said before playing the iconic character for this week's routine.

Clearly, they are playing to Sean's dancing strengths for their "Monster Mash" jive, where all he has to really do is charm the judges while letting Lindsay do most of the work.

Credit has to be paid to the costume team, for sure, as the routine had a lot of great outfits and spooky make-up.

Len finally shows his mean side, critiquing the dance for lacking "jive content."

"You know you're not the best dancer on the show... but you always come out and try your hardest and give it your all," Len added.

Bruno says the "monster part was perfection" but the dancing part was less so.

Carrie Ann says it was a dance "only your mummy could love," using a pun to really sting the star.

The scores are about what you'd expect -- maybe even a little lower -- with three 6s for a total of 18 out of 30. Although because of how everyone else got similar scores, this technically places them in third place.

Lauren & Gleb Deliver Sexy Vampire Argentine Tango

Lauren loves Halloween, and for this special episode, the country singer is going to be showing off her "aggression" with a vampiric Argentine Tango.

The surprisingly sultry number has the usually reserved Lauren playing a vampire seductress who uses her sensual charms on Gleb.

The number, set to Sarah Vaughan's iconic "Whatever Lola Wants," is a fantastic showcase for her versatility and her power as a performer.

Carrie Ann says the dance shows her transformation as a dancer.

Len says the dance was exactly what he wanted and that she and Gleb "sparked off each other."

Bruno calls the dance steps "exquisite" and says Lauren's performance was like "if Marilyn Monroe was a vampire," which is certainly high praise.

The dancing is even more impressive considering what Lauren revealed to Erin after the dance, which is that three of her ribs are hurting and possibly fractured.

The news comes as a shock to the judges who are even more blown away by what she was able to accomplish.

They reward her with three 9s for a total of 27 out of 30. Meaning there's now a four-way tie for first place this week.

Karamo and Jenna Deliver Epic Paso In Honor of Beyonce

"I am the biggest Beyonce fan of all time!" Karamo says in the pre-taped package, revealing that they will be dancing a paso doble set to "Survivor."

However, when they take to the stage, it's an amazingly brooding, dark reimagining of the Destiny's Child hit, and it's next-level awesome.

Decked out in gold skull face paint, the duo deliver a regal Dead of the Dead-inspired paso doble that is intense and epic and absolutely lives up to the spirit of the intense rendition of the song.

Bruno is wild for the dance, saying there was no "lack of power" in his performance.

Carrie Ann says he was "like a sonic boom," and praised him for opening up a tidal wave of passion and emotion.

Len shares a quick word of appreciation for the show's wardrobe and make-up department, before complimenting the star for coming out and attacking the dance.

The pair end up earning a 9 from Carrie Ann and two 8s from Len and Bruno for a total of 25 out of 30.

Hannah and Alan Jazz Up a Beauty Pageant

Hannah reveals in her pre-taped package that she feels that other stars are growing and passing her up, while she's dropping lower and lower on the leaderboard.

While it seems like she might just be focusing too much on last week's bizarre events, she's definitely kicking things up for her and Alan's jazz routine.

Set to Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," Hannah plays an undead beauty pageant queen in this fun, weird and energetic number -- in which Alan plays a hilariously retro version of a "nerd."

The number ends with Zombie Hannah being lifted onto a silver throne flanked by giant mirrored skulls, and it's just every bit as crazy as you'd hope from a Halloween number.

Len says that he liked how she came out "and performed" and that she did a great job.

Bruno says the number was "lively" and "theatrical," but critiqued her "syncopation." Len, surprisingly, disagreed with his fellow judge and made his disagreement heard.

Carrie, meanwhile, says she agrees with both other judges' contradictory comments, whatever that means, and adds that she feels something was "missing" from their performance.

This time around, Hannah and Alan are somehow the lowest scores of the night (thus far) earning 8s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and a 9 from Len, for a total of 25 out of 30.

Ally and Sasha Get Psycho With Twisted Tango

After ending up in the bottom two last week, Ally and Sasha are looking to blow everyone away this week with their fearless tango.

Turning to the infamous romance between Harley Quinn and the Joker, Ally dons an outfit inspired by Margot Robbie's Suicide Squad character while Sasha does his own take on the Clown Prince of Crime as the pair deliver a wild tango set to Ava Max's "Sweet but Psycho."

Carrie Ann praises the performance, while Bruno calls it a "premiere league tango," and complimented Ally's dedication to staying in character.

"Last week you were nearly dead and buried, and I'm so glad this week you came back to live with a perfect tango," Len marvels.

Speaking with Erin -- who seems stuck on last week's weird twist and turns -- the pair reflect on almost getting eliminated and Sasha sweetly says Ally is "family" for him, before giving her a hug.

Ally, meanwhile, says she just tried to enjoy performing.

For their efforts, the judges gave the pair three 9s for another score of 27 out of 30.

The first three couples are now all tied for first place, and Tom joking asks the judges, "You know you have other paddles, right?"

The first person to get lower than 27 might be super embarrassed.

James & Emma Put a Spell on the Judges

For their Viennese waltz, James and Emma are getting magical.

In the pre-taped package before their number, James reveals that Halloween has been his favorite holiday since he was a little kid.

So, they are going all out, giving their performance an entire storyline. James plays a demon who steals Emma away from another man, all while dancing to the iconic tune, "I Put a Spell On You," made famous by Annie Lennox.

Decked out in all black with creepy white face paint -- and with an assist from Keo, playing Emma's jilted lover -- the duo deliver an amazing performance that highlight's all of James' theatrical strengths.

"It was such a powerful performance," Bruno says, adding that it was "absolute perfect" up until James' misstep.

Carrie Ann called it a "flawless" dance, up until the single screw up.

Len even says that the dance would have been the season's first 10 if not for the error, but that it was still great.

James and Emma are still positive while telling Erin how much they loved the dance, and are even more overwhelmed with joy when they earn three 9s (which likely would have been 10s) for a total of 27 out of 30.

Kel and Witney Do the 'Time Warp'

To get into the Halloween spirit, Kel and Witney headed out to a jack'o'lantern festival and the comedian revealed his adorable family plans: his kids are going to be Baby Shark and he's going to be Daddy Shark, which is just perfect.

For their actual performance, the pair do a brilliant, neon-infused, snake-themed jive set to the iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show tune "Time Warp."

Kel is always the most in his element when he's doing a super fun number that lets his personality shine, and there's no shortage of fun in this routine.

It was a great, high-energy way to kick off the night, and even Len Goodman loves it. The grumpiest judge was all smiles calling the dance "fast and fun."

Bruno said the dance was "original," "imaginative" and "deadly effective."

Carrie Ann -- who awkwardly jokes that she's "very horny" due to her Maleficent horns, and then quickly moves on -- also had nothing but love for the performance.

The pair are rewarded with an impressive 27 out of 30, earning three 9s across the board.

And the Spookiness Begins!

Halloween Night is basically the coolest theme night every year, and this episode of DWTS might have the greatest intro segment/dance number ever.

With Val and Keo serving as bellhops escorting a coffin in a haunted elevator to a giant dance number on stage set to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," to Kel doing the "Thriller" dance, I think this is the most fun this season has been thus far.

Before the show kicks off in earnest, here's where the stars stand after last week:

Kate & Pasha - 27
James & Emma - 27
Kel & Witney - 26
Lauren & Gleb - 26
Karamo & Jenna - 25
Ally & Sasha - 25
Hannah & Alan - 24
Sean & Lindsay - 21

Last week's DWTS ended in tears and utter shock as Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Val Chmerkovskiy were eliminated -- even though they'd earned one of the highest scores of the night!

Check out the video below for more on last week's truly dumbfounding elimination.