'Dancing With the Stars' Crowns New Season 28 Champion -- See Who Took Home the Mirrorball Trophy!

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Dancing With the Stars returned on Monday for the final night of competition, which saw the show crown a new champion!

After nearly three months of exciting performances, the season 28 finals saw the four remaining couples gave it their all for a chance to take home the coveted Mirrorball trophy. 

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten, Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko, Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson, as well as Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber, all performed two dances tonight before one couple came out victorious.

ET was following along throughout the two-hour finale to break down all the best dances, emotional moments, shocking scores, and who ultimately walked away the new reigning winners. 

And the Season 28 Champion Is...

7:00 PM:

After all four finalists got special video messages of support from their family and friends, it was time to find out who won.

In fourth place, we have Lauren and Gleb.

In third place, we have Ally and Sasha.

This means it all comes down to Kel and Witney, and Hannah and Alan. And the new champions are...


... Hannah and Alan!

The pair can't contain their excitement as they grab the trophy.

"Thank you everyone!" Hannah screams as they are showered in confetti and Alan gets lifted into the air by his fellow pros.

Congrats to Hannah and Alan on their big win!

Cher Brings Back the '60s

6:51 PM:

For one last big hurrah, Cher hit the dance floor for a 1960s inspired performance of her iconic tune "The Beat Goes On."

Most of the DWTS pros joined the music legend -- all while decked out in British mod ensembles -- and closed out the show in amazing style.

Only thing left is to see who gets the Mirrorball trophy!

Kel and Witney 'Jump' for the Mirrorball With High-Speed Freestyle

6:46 PM:

Kel and Witney spent the season building a close friendship, becoming family over the last 11 weeks, and they put that bond to good use with an epic routine that pulls out all the stops.

The dance kicks off with the pair sitting in a lowrider before hitting the floor for a freestyle performance set to a super-fast, wildly exciting rendition of the Kris Kross hit "Jump" that might be the most fun dances ever.

"What a way to end the competition!" Tom says excitedly before giving Kel a big hug.

Bruno has nothing but love for the number and couldn't help but freak out for the final number.

"My inner Fly Girl is so excited right now because you brought it all back," Carrie Ann says, freaking out.

Len, however, brought on a lot of boos when he slammed Kel and Witney for basically doing a dance that was similar to their first dance of the night.

Former DWTS champ and NFL icon Emmett Smith is one of the first to jump up from the audience and tell Len he's wrong.

When it comes to scores, the pair earn a 9 from Len and two 10s from Carrie Ann and Bruno for a grand total of 59 out of 60.

Hannah and Alan Bring 'Fire' to the Floor With Their Freestyle

6:34 PM:

Hannah and Alan get pretty emotional about their "bittersweet" final DWTS performance together, in their pre-taped package, but they make the most of it when they hit the dance floor.

The pair truly do heat up the ballroom with their freestyle performance set to "Girl On Fire" that brings actual fire.

They switch things up with a short, epic interlude set to "Hollaback Girl," before going back to their blazing "Girl On Fire" routine, and through every moment they just owned the stage.

"That caught me so unawares. I'm so used to you doing lyrical movements... you really threw me, and it was great," Len marveled.

Bruno praises the entire thing for being "superb."

Carrie Ann says the "word that comes to mind is victorious."

And their scores are no less victorious, earning their first perfect score of the season for a combined total of 58 out of 60.

Lauren and Gleb Go Full Country for Their Freestyle

6:22 PM:

For her final dance in her DWTS journey, Lauren and Gleb went full country with a freestyle routine set to Luke Bryan's "Country Girl" that incorporated a lot of different elements, including line dancing.

It was just the perfect way to end her time on the show, too, and even the judges were floored.

"This was the perfect freestyle for you!" Carrie Ann marvels, praising how great she's been.

Len complimented her for paying "homage to her roots."

Bruno says it was like "happy hour at Lauren's saloon," and he calls her line dancing "delicious."

The pair ended up earning a perfect 30 -- which also marked their very first 10s of the season -- for a combined total of 57 out of 60.

'American Idol' Gives Out a Golden Ticket

6:15 PM:

Lionel Richie came out and gave out a Golden Ticket to Hollywood to one of three young singers.

Layla, a young hopeful and songstress got the ticket and excitedly celebrated with Lionel and Tom.

We'll be seeing more of her when the new season of Idol kicks off in 2020.

Ally and Sasha Pull Off Jennifer Lopez-Inspired Conga

6:08 PM:

Ally says, in her pre-taped package, that she wasn't planning on crying, but as she says it through tears, it's clear she wasn't able to keep that promise to herself.

For her final DWTS dance, she and Sasha pull off a freestyle routine set to Gloria Estefan's "Conga" that is absolutely wild.

It starts with her emerging from a golden mirrorball egg, and then giving off serious JLo vibes. It included some super sexy, raunchy moves and -- apart from a misstep -- was absolutely awesome.

Bruno enthusiastically calls the performance a "showstopper."

Carrie Ann says she's "never seen anything like that," and calls her an "explosive performer."

Len praised the pair for managing to incorporate music into every move.

While speaking with Erin, Ally was overcome with tears and could barely talk as she thanked everyone.

Their final dance of the night earned them their second perfect score of the night for a combined total of 60 out of 60.

While they are overwhelmed, this score is already causing some controversy because of their errors.

All the Stars Come Back to Dance to Pitbull and Ne-Yo

5:56 PM:

For this season's grand finale, Ne-Yo and Pitbull teamed up for a live performance that saw all the eliminated dancers come back to bust a move and commemorate a truly exciting and unexpected 11 weeks of competition.

Also, and this is evident every week obviously, but my God the DWTS pros are amazing. It's ridiculous how they can make any performance look effortless and absolutely amazing.

Hannah and Alan Wow With a Viennese Waltz

5:46 PM:

Hannah has had a very emotional time on DWTS, dealing with her time on Bachelorette and coming to terms with getting critiqued by Carrie Ann, she's cried a lot, and we see some of the highs and lows in her pre-taped package.

However, when she and Alan hit the dance floor for their repeat dance -- a Viennese waltz set to Taylor Swift's "Lover" -- there's nothing but joy and flowers.

The dance ends with a sweet, gentle kiss on the hand and a big hug as the audience can't contain their own love for the dance.

Len said it had "lovely, sweeping movement."

Bruno praises her for being so much more confident.

Carrie Ann, however, says it was her "best dance of the season," and ends up thanking Hannah for her performance.

"This dance was the first time I felt I wasn't just doing steps, like I could just be," Hannah tells Erin after the performance.

"This has been the most exceptional experience that I've ever had," Alan adds, hugging Hannah yet again.

The first time around, the pair earned three 8s, this week their repeat dance earned them two 9s and a 10 for a total of 28 out of 30.

Kel and Witney Go Back to High School to Revist Their Jazz Routine

5:32 PM:

"I've definitely come a long way since Day 1," Kel says in the pre-taped package, as we get to look back at his growth as a dancer over the weeks.

It's hard to deny how charming he is, and with Witney he's a truly charismatic dancing star, and it really all started to come together with his High School Musical jazz number from Disney Night.

So, for the finale, Kel and Witney choose their super-fun, easy-to-love jazz routine and the pair are even better this time around than the first time the pulled it off in Week 5.

"That was great the first time you did it, it was better the second time you did it," Carrie Ann marvels.

Len praised Kel for being "right out in front" the whole number and said the dance was "terrific."

Bruno said it was "fantastic" and "so fun to watch." The love is truly universal.

The first time they did this dance, they got two 9s and an 8. This time around, Kel and Witney earned a flawless score with three 10s for a total of 30 out of 30!

Lauren and Gleb Redo Their Flowery Foxtrot

5:22 PM:

For their repeat dance, Lauren and Gleb are turning to their Week 4 foxtrot set to the Dolly Parton classic "Jolene," and it's amazing to see how far the country crooner has grown as a dancer.

While it's hard to not love anything set to this particular song  -- one of the greatest ever written -- their dance is irresistibly beautiful, and it earns them a long, loud standing ovation from the audience.

"What I like about you is you really bring the character to life," Bruno says, grabbing Len's arm and upsetting the cantankerous judge.

Carrie Ann however felt she wasn't as open and emotional as she was the first time she performed the foxtrot.

Meanwhile Len said it had a "mix of flair and care", but his feedback was interrupted by the pink decorative flowers in front of the judges desk, and Lauren laughingly held up the flowers to keep them from tipping over.

While they might not have blown the judges away, the still earned three 9s for a total of 27 out of 30 (which is better than the 8s they got in Week 4).

Ally and Sasha Flawlessly Revisit Their 'Proud Mary' Jive

5:11 PM:

Ally and Sasha really have come a long way.

"This experience has helped mold me into the woman I wanted to be," Ally says in the pre-taped package, before revealing they are going to be performing a jive for their first dance of the night --the repeat dance.

Donning their purple ensembles, Ally kicks their jive off by singing the opening lines of "Proud Mary" before jumping into the exciting number and slaying like pros.

Len calls the jive "fantastic."

Bruno says that it was a great way to start the show "on top gear, full throttle" and that it "succeeded on every level."

Carrie Ann says that the dance is the perfect example of why they've made it this far.

The first time Ally and Sasha danced the jive in Week 4, they got all 8s. This time around, the pair earned three 10s, kicking the night off with a perfect 30 out of 30.

The Finale Is Here, Along With a Whole New Mirrorball Trophy!

5:03 PM:

The Season 28 finale is upon us, and the show is introducing a whole new Mirrorball trophy that reflects the golden, Art Deco look of this exciting season.

Hannah, Ally, Kel and Lauren are opening the show to Donna Summer's iconic, and very appropriate, "Last Dance," with the show's brilliant pros, and the new Mirrorball trophy is front and center on the dance floor.

Tonight we've got special performances from Pitbull and Ne-Yo, and Cher! And, upping the drama, there's no Judges' Save tonight, meaning it's all about the scores and the votes.

Here we go!

Last week was perhaps the most emotional episode of DWTS in recent memory after fans had to say goodbye to James Van Der Beek shortly after he revealed the tragic news that his wife had suffered a miscarriage just two days before Monday's episode.

For more on the tearful semifinals elimination, watch the video below.


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