'Dancing With the Stars' Finale: Final Four Battle it Out on the Dance Floor With Epic Routines (Recap)


Check out the most memorable routines, best scores and biggest numbers of the season 31 finale!

After weeks of impressive performances and fun-themed nights, Dancing With the Stars season 31 is coming to a close with a fun, wild season finale!

Tyra Banks and co-host Alfonso Ribeiro embraced the fun of the evening, as they oversaw the outspoken panel of judges, including Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli, who weighed in on all the night's dances.

The finale proved to be an exciting musical showdown between the final four couples -- Wayne Brady and Witney Carson, Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas, Shangela and Gleb Savchenko, as well as Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy.

Here's a look at the best dances of the night, and scroll to the bottom to see which couple took home the coveted Mirrorball trophy!

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko (Redemption)

For their redemption dance, Shangela and Gleb were paired with Bruno for them to deliver another attempt at the quickstep, which they struggled with earlier in the season. Putting her heart and soul into upping her game -- especially after almost getting eliminated last week -- Shangela showed real improvement and kicked the night off with a high-energy routine.

Style of Dance: Quickstep

Song: "Queen Bee" by Rochelle Diamante

Judges' Feedback: "You were more sparkling than me!" Bruno marveled with glee.

"You have grown! And that's what the redemption round is all about," Carrie Ann shared.

"The improvement was vast!" Len said of the number. "It was fun, it was full of energy, it was dynamic... and I enjoyed watching you very much!"

Final Score (Carrie Ann, Len, Michael, Derek, Bruno): 36 (9, 9, 9, 9)

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson (Redemption)

Wayne and Witney were given a chance to redo their quickstep -- which they also struggled with during week 6's Michael Bublé Night. With Len Goodman as their mentor judge, the pair hit the dance floor to prove they could improve on their previous effort -- and they managed to take some major strides.

Style of Dance: Quickstep

Song: "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson

Judges' Feedback: "When you guys are dancing, it is so much fun to watch," Derek praised, before complimenting just how much Wayne had worked to improve where he previously fell short with the quickstep.

Final Score (Carrie Ann, Len, Michael, Derek, Bruno): 36 (9, 9, 9, 9)

Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas (Redemption)

It's hard to find a dance that Charli and Mark didn't sparkle in, but the one dance that some of the judges felt could have used more personality was their jive. Guided by Carrie Ann as their mentor judge, Charli and Mark hit the stage with purpose and did exactly what everyone expected -- they tore the roof off with an absolutely flawless routine.

Style of Dance: Jive 

Song: "Grown" by Little Mix

Judges' Feedback: "Charli, that was remarkable!" Carrie Ann exclaimed. "Fantastic, thank you, well done!"

"It's hard to improve on your redemption dance, because the first time around was fantastic, and it's hard to believe that I think this was even better!" Len shared with a smile.

"That was as good as I've ever seen," Bruno praised. "That's all."

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy (Redemption)

Gabby and Val have been delivering week after week, so their redemption dance was for a performance that was just slightly less epic than most of their other epic numbers. With Derek Hough as their judge, the pair got some good guidance and hit the floor with fire in their eyes and undeniable chemistry for a top-notch cha-cha that wowed the judges.

Style of Dance: Cha-cha

Song: "I Like It (Like That)" by Pete Rodriguez

Judges' Feedback: "You were born to perform," Derek shared. "You definitely redeemed that cha-cha, well done!"

"Those legs give me vertigo," Bruno said, while Carrie Ann declared, "That was by far your coolest dance!"

"It was full of rhythm, great technique, and there's a chemistry between you two that just really comes out in your performances," Len marveled.

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

Wayne and Witney (Freestyle)

For their second dance of the night, Wayne and Witney went for a wild and fun blend of styles, with Wayne going retro in an afro and red silk shirt, while Witney embodied a pop diva, and the pair brought their style and energy to a dance-off that really sizzled with energy and entertainment.

Style of Dance: Freestyle

Songs:  "Get Up" by Ciara, featuring Chamillionaire and "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars.

Judges' Feedback: "I've enjoyed watching you so much throughout the season... you're never false. And this freestyle gave you the opportunity to showcase your dancing ability.

"You've always been magical, but tonight [I realized] you've been holding out on us!" Carrie Ann exclaimed

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

Charli and Mark (Freestyle)

Leave it to this pair to bring the judges to tears with a beautiful, life-affirming routine that celebrated them rediscovering their love of dance. Their freestyle blended elements of different styles, tempos and emotions, and the story told through the number brought tears to Derek's eyes.

Style of Dance: Freestyle

Songs:  "Us Again" by Pinar Toprak

Judges' Feedback: "I know what it's like to lose the love of dance, so I love that the both of you found not only your love of dance but the love of yourself," Derek said, fighting back tears. "That was so powerful... thank you."

"That was pure, unquestionable excellence. It was a celebration of dance in all its forms," Carrie Ann shared.

"Nothing gets me emotional anymore, I don't know why. I'm an old grumpy guy... but this is a culmination of everything," Len said. "It was just spectacular."

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

Gabby and Val (Freestyle)

For her last dance of the night, Gabby and Val brought some real sexiness to the stage with a performance of a classic number from Chicago that included passion, sensuality, prison bars and lingerie. 

Style of Dance: Freestyle

Songs: "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago

Judges' Feedback: "This freestyle just showcased how great a dancer you are," Len gushed.

"You're incredible," Derek praised. "It was fierce, it was strong, it was everything we wanted from you."

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

Shangela and Gleb (Freestyle)

Talk about closing out a season on a high note! Shangela and Gleb embraced the historic nature of their appearance in the finale, and introduced the world to Gleb's drag persona, Natasha! Together, they delivered a spotlight-stealing number that will go down in DWTS history as one of the wildest and most thrilling of all time.

Style of Dance: Freestyle

Songs: "Survivor" by Destiny's Child and "Call Me Mother" by RuPaul

Judges' Feedback: "You are so inspiring," Carrie Ann shared. "Every time you do anything, you do it with your heart wide open!"

"For the first time in 31 seasons, I forgot to vote because I was absolutely mesmerized by the whole thing," Len said in awe.

Final Score: 40 (10, 10, 10, 10)

And the Winner Is...

... Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas!

Meanwhile, Gabby and Val wound up as runners-up, Wayne and Witney came in third, while, Shangela and Gleb wound up in fourth place!

Congrats to the new champions!

Check out the full list of Dancing With the Stars winners over the last 31 seasons in the gallery below!