'Daisy Jones & The Six' Breakout Camila Morrone on Her Character's 'Subdued Secret Power' (Exclusive)

The 25-year-old actress is easily one of the show's biggest breakouts, delivering a magnetic performance as Camila.

With Daisy Jones & The Six now streaming on Prime Video, audiences are finally catching up on the TV version of author Taylor Jenkins Reid's riveting story about a 1970s band modeled after Fleetwood Mac that struggles to come together before making magic in the recording studio and enthralling fans with their presence on tour. But just as the group becomes one of the biggest acts in the world, it all falls apart. 

As captivating as the emotional journey is, it's the ensemble cast, who spent months together rehearsing and essentially becoming a real-life band, that makes the series shine. And while Camila Morrone is not one of the performers, she's easily one the show's biggest breakout stars.

Prior to Daisy Jones, the Hollywood-born 25-year-old actress made a name for herself with a few indie films, after first appearing in James Franco's Bukowski. "I was fortunate in the sense that I grew up in Hollywood... I didn't feel overwhelmed when I got into this industry because my parents were actors," Morrone told ET in 2019 as she stepped into her biggest role yet at the time, the titular character in Mickey and the Bear.

But with the limited series, Morrone has officially gone mainstream -- and has become an A-lister in her own right -- thanks to her magnetic portrayal of Camila Alvarez, the band's supportive photographer and wife of lead singer Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin). 

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In the group's early days, Camlia is the glue that keeps them together. And after they move to California, it's Camila who pushes for Daisy (Riley Keough) to join the band, seeing what kind of energy she brings to their overall dynamic. But, of course, this all backfires in her face as Billy struggles with sobriety and monogamy, leaving her alone to care for their young daughter, while Daisy's presence ends up creating tension in their marriage and sparks suspicions of infidelity.  

"I was rooting for Camila and Billy, too," Morrone says of the couple, explaining to ET's Nischelle Turner that she was "personally vested" in them, but after watching all 10 episodes and seeing the scenes between Billy and Daisy, it was hard to deny "this chemistry between the two characters." 

But just because Camila is caught in a love triangle doesn't make her a weak person. If anything, "you kind of realize this, like, subdued secret power that she has," Morrone says, which is that her character "really brings people together." 

She adds, "I think you really understand at the end of the book and at the end of the series how important her character was at facilitating the band and keeping it moving up and alive and keeping Billy on the right track until the very end."  

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Fast forward to the present, after everyone agrees to recount the band's story for a Behind the Music-like documentary 20 years later, it's implied that Camila and Billy are no longer together. 

With two more episodes to go, it's presumed their romance was unable to survive Daisy Jones & The Six's meteoric rise and dramatic end to their Aurora album tour. Of course, it was revealed that Camila also had her own affair, a one night stand with bassist Eddie Roundtree (Josh Whitehouse).

"No spoilers, I feel like I left with a mic drop in episode 10," Morrone teases.

While Camila's fate -- and just what really happened between her and Billy -- remains to be seen, the series has given the one-time model a chance to don stunning fashions and costumes throughout the first eight episodes.    

"I wasn't supposed to have as many costume changes," Morrone admits. But after getting into production and working on the episodes, "we just had so many great pieces of wardrobe that we just added in unnecessary look changes." 

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Of course, one of the bigger moments is when Camila steps out in a white suit and fedora in episode eight, "Looks Like We Made It," as the band hits the road in support of Aurora. "That was a big moment for me," Morrone says. "I said that was more of, like, the evolutionary moment of Camila." 

In that episode, her character became "a woman in her power," the actress continues. "She's gonna own the part of being the wife of the hottest rock star and she's no longer gonna, you know, sit back and kind of subdue herself. I really liked that." 

Beyond that, another one of Morrone's favorite fashion moments is when she gets to replicate a Bianca Jagger look. "I was wearing a cheetah dress and we made a matching neck tie out of it," she recalls, getting to have "a little monochromatic moment" onscreen. 

Daisy Jones & The Six is now streaming on Prime Video.