Christopher Meloni Works Out Naked in New Ad

The 61-year-old actor bared it all for this new fitness campaign.

Christopher Meloni really put himself out there for a new fitness ad. Literally.

The 61-year-old actor stars in a new campaign for Peloton's fitness app. In the 1-minute commercial, the Law & Order star appears completely naked, though his manhood's blurred out, and he's working out. His opening line?

"Apparently, some people think the way I work out is strange," he says. "Honestly, I don't get it."

The buck-naked star is then seen busting out bicep curls with a set of dumbbells, cranks out some bicycle kicks, sits in on a yoga sesh, sweats out a little cardio and even gives his hand at meditation. But then, while doing a little strength training, the actor, who is being filmed from behind at this point, squats and bends over to look at the crew and asks if they're OK after hearing someone get hurt in the background.

Meloni's then seen running in the park while a cute dog barks at him. But the real kicker -- the campaign ends when it parodies the iconic opening scene to every Law & Order episode, where a voiceover actor with a baritone-like voice is always heard reciting these words: "In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: The police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."

In the Meloni-led campaign, the voiceover says, "In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate, yet equally motivated groups. Those who wear pants and Christopher Meloni." The only thing missing from the ending of the campaign is Law & Order's iconic sound effect, Dun! Dun! 

In any event, the campaign comes almost exactly seven months after the fitness company yanked its ad featuring Chris Noth in the wake of sexual assault allegations made by a slew of women.

Peloton concocted an ad featuring Noth after his character in the first episode of HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, tragically died of a heart attack, just moments after completing his 1,000th ride on a Peloton bike.

The scene was so shocking, Peloton issued a statement following Big's death.

Of course, this isn't the only time Meloni's body has grabbed headlines. Back in April 2021, pictures of Meloni's junk in the trunk while playing Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: Organized Crime went viral thanks to a photograph circulating online of his curvaceous backside. 

In that photo, Meloni was spotted on the set of the NBC crime drama wearing extremely fitted navy pants, posing with one leg up to further accentuate his, shall we say, assets.