Chris Rock and Cara Delevingne Can't Get Enough of PopUp Bagels -- Founder Adam Goldberg Shares Why

Chris Rock
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Chris Rock, Cara Delevingne, Donald Glover, and more celebs are flocking to PopUp Bagels for a delicious breakfast.

Love at first bite! PopUp Bagels began as a backyard pickup window in 2020 and since then, has gotten the attention of A-list investors like Paul Rudd, Michael Phelps, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Michael Strahan, along with celeb fans including Chris Rock, Cara Delevingne, Donald Glover, and Martha Stewart

"I grew up loving everything about bagels, from the bags of warm dough to the great smells at the shop. Over time, as bagel stores transformed into delis, I ate less and less of them. It inspired me to bring back that childhood experience," founder Adam Goldberg tells ET. 

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The hot bagels, ordered by the dozen with two of their signature schmears across New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, are not only delicious in flavor, but made to be enjoyed by gripping, ripping, and dipping, meaning no knives are required. 

Think: "No frills, plainly perfect bagels with a crispy crust, soft crumb center, made at just the right size with a perfect proportion of seeds."

"Our goal is simple; to make the best, freshest bagels. … We’re not here to be famous, but simply to be known for making the best bagel around," the entrepreneur shares. 

Jennifer Goldberg

Some favorites include their everything bagels dipped in scallion cream cheese, their honey chipotle cream cheese, their limited-edition caviar bagel with Caviar Kaspia, and their cacio e pepe butter partnership with TikTok stars, Sister Snacking.

"We love to collaborate with others on schmears, but ideas can also come from a random restaurant meal or a conversation with a customer," Goldberg notes.

And if you’re braving the line to try them at their 177 Thompson Street location in New York City, (which moves quickest on the weekdays), it might just be star-studded. 

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"We provide the same fresh bagel experience for every single customer, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about celebrities, it’s that they’re a lot like everyone else," Goldberg says of their clientele. 

As for what else you can expect: "Lots of big collaborations and new locations coming very soon, but if we told you, we’d lose the element of surprise!"

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