Chris Pratt Explains Why His Daughters Haven't Watched 'Garfield' Yet (Exclusive)

Chris Pratt shares two young daughters, Lyla and Eloise, with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Chris Pratt has a special reason why his daughters, Lyla Maria, 3, and Eloise Christina, 1, haven't seen The Garfield Movie yet.

On Sunday, the actor, 44, spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier from the premiere of his new film and shared that he is considering giving his two young girls an exclusive screening when the toddler and baby are ready -- so long as they earn it.  

"My son has seen it and he loved it but my daughters haven't seen it yet," Pratt said of his 11-year-old son, Jack, whom he shares with ex-wife Anna Faris

Pratt and Faris, 47, split in 2017 after eight years of marriage and the actor tied the knot with Katherine Schwarzenegger in 2019. Since then, the happy couple has welcomed two children of their own, Lyla and Eloise, who may just be a tad too young to see the animated film their dad is currently promoting.

"If they act right, they'll get a personal screening, but if not, no. So far, it's half and half," he joked. "I'd love to have a personal screening, it'll be great. As soon as they're ready for that, which, by the way I think is pretty soon because this movie is -- it's OK for kids, it's safe for kids."

Chris Pratt posted a rare photo of his three kids to his Instagram Story back in January. - @prattprattpratt on Instagram

Pratt added, "I think they'll probably watch it pretty soon. It might be like the first movie my youngest has ever seen." 

It's unclear what exactly his girls need to do to show they're ready, but a big step might be Eloise's upcoming second birthday on Tuesday. For the actor, it's not only an honor to have a movie that he can enjoy with his children, but to be a part of a project that brings an iconic character to life in a new way.

"It's so cool to present Garfield to the world," he said of the film, in which he lends his voice to the titular character. The movie also features voice work from Saturday Night Live alum Cecily Strong, What We Do in the ShadowsHarvey GuillénSamuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham and more. 

Watch the trailer for the film in the player below: 

Pratt previously spoke with ET about the film and said that his character in the animated project is also a return to a fan-favorite persona from his past -- one widely credited with launching his now-massive career. 

"I just ate a lot of lasagna, I tried a few different things, and I realized that he sounds a lot like Andy from Parks and Rec," Pratt said of his previous portrayal of Andy Dwyer. "That was actually Mark [Dindal], our director's note. He said, 'I think I know exactly what this guy sounds like. That character you play on Parks and Rec.'"

He continued, "I was like, 'Great, that's perfect.' Andy and Garfield are very similar."

The Garfield Movie hits theaters on May 24.