Chris Hemsworth's Brothers Liam and Luke Poke Fun at Him on His 39th Birthday With Hilarious Pics

The 'Thor: Love and Thunder' star also got birthday wishes and jokes from other family members and friends.

Chris Hemsworth is feeling the love! On Thursday, the Thor actor turns 39 and he was met with a series of celebrations from his family and close friends.

Keeping the tradition alive of poking fun at his older brother on his birthday, Liam Hemsworth posted a picture to Instagram of Chris with a mouthful of snow alongside a silly caption.  

“Happy birthday @chrishemsworth Don’t change a thing. You’re perfect. Love you,” the 32-year-old actor wrote.  

Chris and Liam’s oldest brother, Luke Hemsworth, also got in on the fun. “Happy birthday @chrishemsworth we’ve had our fair share of arguments, disputes and disagreements. We’ve traded a few good whacks, slaps, kicks and headbutts,” the Westworld star wrote. 

“But honestly and simply… I love you bro. You’re an exceptional human. There’s no other face I love more on my T-shirt’s. #wasmymumapirate?,” Luke captioned the picture of himself standing in the mirror and rocking a pink shirt with Chris as Thor from Avengers: Infinity War, with the line delivered by David Bautista’s character, Drax, “It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel.”  

The fun didn't stop there! Chris’ friend, Aaron Grist, posted a series of pics of the actor from their younger days. “Chris I know when you wake each time on August 11th you’re not excited to see your family or open presents or even eat a delicious cake. You’re excited to see my bday post for you,” he wrote. “Which includes some of your favourite photos and memories. You’re like the rich and famous uncle i always wished for. Dreams can come true. Hope you have the best bday you’re beautiful on the inside, average on the outside. And that’s why I love you. @chrishemsworth.” 

The photo carousel leads with a young Chris and Aaron with another one of their friends smiling for the camera. In addition, Aaron’s birthday tribute included shirtless pictures of the actor, a picture of Chris holding a tiny baby, and a throwback from what looks like a school dance.

One of Chris' Avengers co-stars also posted a tribute to the actor. Jeremy Renner sweetly wrote, "Happy Birthday my brother. We wish you the best day, filled with love and blessings …. And a few 🍻!! Love ya ! @chrishemsworth #a6."

Clearly Chris' family and friends keep him grounded, and that also goes for his children, India, 10, and 8-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan.

In July, ET spoke with the Thor: Love and Thunder star, who shared what his children really think about spending time on the set with their superhero dad. 

"I guess it's just normal for them," Chris shared. "They come on set and they get excited for a couple of minutes and then they realize it's a pretty boring process."