Choir Boys Have a Viral Moment While Performing at Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral

One singer made the most of his moment, while another had the misfortune of getting upstaged by a lamp.

The Choir of Westminster Abbey had quite a moment in the spotlight during Monday's state funeral service for Queen Elizabeth II, with one choir boy in particular capturing hearts across social media. 

As the ensemble sang hymns and songs throughout the duration of the ceremony, viewers took note of a young singer with curly red hair who delivered a star-worthy performance filled with passion, movement and expression. 

Dubbed by some as the "MVP" of the funeral, the boy was praised for his earnest emotion -- and Twitter just couldn't get enough. 

Another young member of the choir also went viral, but for an entirely different reason. This singer's moment to shine was unfortunately upstaged by... a lamp. 

The choir -- which was first established in the 14th century -- comprised of 30 choir boys between ages 8 and 13 years old, and 12 adult singers, led by musical director, James O'Donnell.

In a touching turn of events, at the end of the service during "God Save the King," Charles became visibly emotional as the whole of the church sang the Commonwealth's national anthem. While the church sang the song, the newly-appointed king began to tear up during the final stretch of the service for his mother. 

The state funeral is a service reserved only for monarchs or extremely important British figures, meaning it is the grandest and most honorable service the palace has to offer.

Attendees of the queen's funeral tell ET, "The service was fabulous and spectacular. It was solemn, but incredible to be inside with so many world leaders and to be part of such a historic event. Kate Middleton was even more gorgeous in person and Prime Minister Trudeau was handsome in person. The choir was a highlight for us and they all sang so beautifully. The whole service was a beautiful and incredible way to honor The Queen. They gave us booklets as a souvenir, and we are holding onto them tightly."

For more on Her Majesty's death, and Queen Elizabeth II's funeralcheck out ET's ongoing coverage.



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