Cheryl Burke Opens Up About 'New Beginnings' as a 'Trauma Survivor' Who is Sober, Divorced and Retired

The 38-year-old former 'Dancing With the Star' pro shares that 'life can be so simple but so complicated at the same time.'

Cheryl Burke is opening up about the complexities of her life. The 38-year-old former Dancing With the Stars pro got candid in a reflective post on Instagram, acknowledging that "life can be so simple but so complicated at the same time." 

In the clip, Burke stands outside in what looks like a park, wearing a black baseball cap with earbuds in. She has written over the video, "I'm 38. I'm a trauma survivor. I'm five years sober. I'm recently divorced. I retired from my career last year. I feel like in many ways I'm starting over. While letting go of the past is helpful, new beginnings scare me and are often overwhelming. I try to stay grateful, but sometimes I get stuck in fear. I know life will sort itself out, it always does." 

Adele's "Love in the Dark" plays in the background of the video. 

Burke, who split from actor Matthew Lawrence in 2022 and exited DWTS the same year, recently told ET that her heart is open to finding love again. 

"I'm dating myself at the moment," she said. "I totally would get married again. I mean, I know we should probably go from like meeting somebody first, not like straight to the altar, but our time is limited on this planet."

Of what she's looking for in a romantic partner, Burke shared, "Someone who, honestly, first of all, is OK and secure with themselves. That really is a person who knows that we are here to evolve as human beings and who wants to grow and continue to learn and stay curious."

Burke gave herself credit for making it this far on her life's journey, even with its ups and downs. 

"My heart is full. I'm so proud of myself in a way which I never thought I would ever say that to myself or about myself. But it's doing the work from inside out instead of defining yourself from the outside in," she said. "And I think in this business, especially, it's hard, right? Because we all want that reassurance. We all want that round of applause. But really, if you can't fill that up yourself, it's not consistent, right? You're stuck with you for the rest of your life. And that's a forever journey. It's not overnight."