Chad Michael Murray Reveals He Once Made Out With Jamie Lee Curtis

The kiss happened in front of Lindsay Lohan!

Freaky Friday indeed!

On Thursday, Chad Michael Murray stopped by Busy Tonight and opened up about what led Jamie Lee Curtis to make out with him in the early aughts. The pair was filming the 2003 flick Freak Friday, and Murray's onscreen love interest, Lindsay Lohan, was nervous about her own kiss with the One Tree Hill star.

"I was Lindsay Lohan's first kiss and Jamie Lee Curtis was there," Murray revealed to Busy Philipps. "[Curtis] was trying to kinda settle the situation because Lindsay's nerves were a little, you know, all over the place. As you would assume, right? Your first kiss, you're like 16 years old."

"Jamie's like, 'Alright, get in my trailer. Come on,'" he continued. "We go and we sit in Jamie's trailer and she's talking to Lindsay, trying to get her to [kiss me]. [She said,] 'Just kiss him. Come on just give him a pop kiss. It's no big deal. Let's break the ice now.'"

When Lohan hesitated to make a move on Murray, Curtis rolled her eyes and did the deed herself.

"[Curtis] goes, 'Oh, come on,' and she just grabs me by the back of the head and makes out with me," Murray recalled. "... And at this point I went, 'Dude, I just made out with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is great.' And then that was it."

Freaky Friday came just after Murray's stint on Dawson's Creek, which he co-starred in with Philipps. While filming the teen series in Wilmington, North Carolina, Murray had a fan encounter that he'll likely never forget.

"We were down at Firebellies, which is a bar right at Market Street, probably at one in the morning. In comes this girl, she says, 'Chad I'm such a big fan. Would you give me an autograph?'" Murray told Philipps of a fan, who proceeded to rip open her shirt and hand him a marker to sign her chest. 

"I sign, not well mind you. Because it's very difficult to... write on skin in general. Very illegible. And them I'm like, 'OK. Cool. Great. There's a first,'" he said. "So about an hour later, the bar is closing down and she comes walking in again. We're paying the tab, getting ready to go, and she goes, 'Look.' And she's now had it tattooed. My name over [her chest]."

Murray was stunned by the encounter, which led him to a no skin signing policy. "I would like to know how it's affected your life," he quipped of the girl. "For the positive mostly, but also for the negative."

Though his Dawson'sOne Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls days are behind him, Murray hasn't quit teen dramas for good! The actor recently joined the cast of Riverdale, a hit CW show where he plays an enigmatic cult leader, Edgar Evernever.

"We're about to find out what the farm's agenda is, which is really, really fascinating," he said of upcoming episodes of the series. "Let's just say everybody's gonna be forced to co-exist."

ET's Leanne Aguilera recently caught up with Murray who said that joining Riverdale has been "absolutely incredible."

"I'm loving every minute of it," he said. "And I would say, you know, Edgar means well."

Watch the video below for more of ET's sit down with Murray.