Celebrity Hairstylist Kimberly Gueldner Shares How to Achieve Long Locks Even If You Have Fine Hair

Kimberly Gueldner
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Celebrity hairstylist Kimberly Gueldner shares her tips for achieving long, luscious locks and her hair trend predictions for 2024.

Long hair, don't care! Celebrity hairstylist and Voël Hair extensions founder Kimberly Gueldner has accumulated an A-list client roster including Gwen Stefani, Faith Hill, and Katy Perry, as well as fans like Amy Schumer, Kim Cattrall, and Vanessa Hudgens, and now she's spilling her top hair trends for 2024 with ET.

For starters, the New York City-based hair expert says long locks are here to stay and  shares how the look can be achieved.

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"Use lots of products," she suggests. "Women with fine hair tend to use little to no product because they don't want to weigh their hair down, which can lead to breakage. … I always recommend deep conditioners instead of daily ones and creams or oils after towel drying."

And if you need some extra help on your long hair journey, Gueldner says her heatless, hand-tied wefts and beaded extensions can help add volume and length without compromising your existing mane.

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"Having naturally healthy hair and not looking like you are wearing hair extensions is usually the goal of my celebrity clients, especially because many have dealt with damage from consistent styling," she notes.

"When my clients follow a good routine, their natural hair tends to grow and become healthier with these extensions. … They are made from natural hair, are so lightweight, and we offer many lengths and colors to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. … Because of this and the easy installation process, my clients can wear them on television, in film, on stage, and in everyday life," the hair guru adds.

Beyond embracing luxurious tresses this year, Gueldner is also into styles that highlight your own personal facial features.

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"I'm really loving the bold layers that are coming back around, especially around the face. A great way to change a look and revamp a style is by changing the haircut around the face. It can do more sometimes than just chopping length off," she shares.

"I also always laugh when a specific front part is in style … I say never to follow trendy parts. A part is so personal to your face shape, and not everyone looks great when switching their part up," the hairstylist reveals.