Celebrity Hair Artist Joseph Michael Reveals Which Looks Are In and Out for Summer 2023

Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael Hair

Celebrity hair expert Joseph Michael tells ET which styles are in this summer and how to maintain healthy locks.

Have a great hair day! Celebrity hair artist Joseph Michael, who has worked with Debra Messing, Ashley Tisdale, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Cassie Randolph, and more A-listers, sat down with ET at Juan Juan Salon in Brentwood, California, to spill which lock looks are in and out for the summer season, along with his top hair care secrets. 

"I began in the beauty industry around 16 years ago. I started out doing makeup and, from there, progressively moved towards doing hair. The creativity and transformations that hair styling, hair coloring, and extensions created was something I fell in love with. Seeing people get so excited about their hair and how it really made them feel like their true selves was beautiful," he explained.

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To help his clients experience that confidence, the hair guru makes sure to stay in the know of what’s hot — and what’s not. 

"Keeping up with trends and trying to create new ones has always been a top priority, as well as creating looks that make people feel natural, yet glamorous," he noted.

His go-to cut right now: "A very big trend at the moment is wispy bangs that are not too full, but just enough to give some cute texture, or as I like to call it, pieciness. Clients love them because they can wear them down, but also are able to pull them back to do a styling without showing the bangs, allowing for so many versatile hairstyles."

The hair expert is also looking forward to seeing lots of long, layered locks as we approach the warmer weather.

"Hairstyles we’re expecting to see this summer are mid-length hair with lots of layers. Fresh blowouts are also in," he said.

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And with that exciting newness, there are also looks he's ready to say goodbye to.

"A hairstyle that I am over and done with is space buns. Unless you’re going to a themed party or rager, there is no need to ever have this hairstyle," he revealed.

Other than keeping up with what’s in and out, Michael also notes the significance of maintaining healthy hair.

"Depending on each clients' amount of regrowth, hair trims are about every 6 to 12 weeks, and depending on regrowth color, touch ups can be anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to maintain color properly," he told ET. 

In between appointments, the hairstylist suggests becoming aware of what exactly you’re putting on your head. 

"It’s important to really pay attention to the ingredients used in your products. You really want to refrain from using products with high alcohol or any alcohol if you can because it can dry out the hair, causing it to get brittle and break," he shared.

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From there, Michael recommends following a regimen that optimizes hair health all around. 

"Shampoo every 3 to 4 days. It gives your natural oils a chance to penetrate through the cuticle of your hair, making your hair stronger and healthier. For chemically processed hair, do a weekly treatment."

"Avoid any kind of high heat styling on damp hair. … If the hair is damp and you are trying to curl or straighten the hair, it will burn and cause it to break off," he spilled.


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