Celeb-Loved Manifestation Coach and Psychic Medium Travis Holp Shares His Tips for Achieving Your Dreams

Travis Holp
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Manifestation coach and psychic medium Travis Holp, loved by Sharna Burgess and Aubrey O'Day, shares tips for achieving your dreams.

Create the life you want! Manifestation coach, psychic medium, and spiritual guide Travis Holp, loved by celebrities including Sharna Burgess and Aubrey O'Day, sat down with ET to share his tips for achieving your dreams in 2024.

"Going into a new year, my clients tend to focus on how they can lean into their goals and desires and set intentions for the year ahead," Holp explains.

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But if you're just getting started on your journey now, don't fret, Holp adds, "I believe we can choose to have a fresh start any day of the year."

To begin or continue manifesting successfully, Holp suggests getting clear about your aspirations and organizing them.

"Putting pen to paper is powerful! … I always recommend writing down what you want and how you want to feel. Keep this list in a safe space and revisit it daily. … If you can sit for 5 minutes every morning and practice visualizing your manifestations and the emotions you want to feel, you will find yourself living out your desires in no time," he notes.

"I also can't say enough how important gratitude is. Gratitude is such a powerful frequency, and when we sit in the energy of gratitude, we open our energy to receive everything we could ever want and more," Holp continues.

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Some popular manifestation objectives Holp is seeing so far: "There's less focus on the material stuff and more attention towards wanting to feel good. Feel more freedom, joy, love, and abundance in all aspects of life."

For extra inspiration, Holp works with his clients to put their intentions into action through guidance and positive energy.

"I help my clients move past limiting beliefs or the barriers that are holding them back from what they want to experience," he shares.

"I've seen such a wide range of transformations, from people starting their own businesses to people opening up to love and more. … Seeing people achieve their dreams is wonderful, and I really love it when people find alignment with their personal light."