Celeb Esthetician Kát Rudu Reveals What Goes Into Her Facials That Take Years Off of Her Clients' Faces

Kàt Rudu
Kàt Rudu

Celebrity facialist Kát Rudu told ET all about her A-list approved skincare treatments and her top secrets for a glowy complexion.

Skin is in! Hollywood’s flawless faces like Kate Beckinsale, Jenna Dewan, Eva Mendes, and more rely on skin guru Kát Rudu to achieve their glowy complexions. 

The esthetician, who’s known, and loved, for her straightforward, purposeful approach, sat down with ET at her studio at Juan Juan Salon in Brentwood, California, and shared everything that goes into her famous facials.

Kát Rudu/Instagram

"My inspiration for skincare started at 8 years old. … I grew up surrounded by beauty and strong women. My mom made magic potions by mixing her favorite ingredients," Rudu said of her background. 

From there, the facialist learned how to create her own formulas, used during her signature treatments, and in her nutrient-rich product line, Kát Rudu Pure Biotic Skincare, filled with cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks, and peels.

"The moment I see someone's face I know where to begin and end. … I’ve been told I’m like a scientist of the skin and my precision and attention to every tiny detail is unmatched," she explained. 

"The Jet Set Facial is my most popular. It’s a combination of exfoliation, lifting, brightening, massage, healing therapy and immaculate extractions. … My facials are medical and not so spa-like. … You need to have a balance between a strong approach and a gentle touch," the skin specialist added.  

Kát Rudu/Instagram

And it’s clear — in more ways than one — that her A-list devotees can’t get enough of her technique. 

"I focus on the full face by lifting and toning along with correcting redness, dark spots, and wrinkles," Rudu noted.

"My clients want their skin to defy the rules of aging. … I’ve been told that I’ve taken years off of their faces. … They trust my work and the results that they get," she continued.

To keep up with these enviable skincare goals, the beauty expert suggests alternating treatments in between facials every six weeks and maintaining a well-balanced regimen at home.

Kát Rudu/Instagram

"I recommend my 45-minute pick me up, made up of pure oxygen, a light peel, and a massage. … I am also really into my new Vegan Caribbean Stem Cell red light treatment that makes you look like you took a vacation in just one hour," Rudu spilled.

As for her go-to products: "A light vitamin D always gives a light to the face and I have a waiting list for my Kát Rudu retinol, which is launching soon."

Beyond that, Rudu’s philosophy is that beauty comes from within. "Glow your best self from the inside out. … Eat super foods, take vitamins and probiotics, and drink lots of water and green juices," she revealed.