Carly Pearce Shares How She's Supporting Kelsea Ballerini During Her Divorce to Morgan Evans (Exclusive)

The country music superstars attended the 2022 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony.

It’s all girl power and motivation when it comes to Carly Pearce’s friendship with Kelsea Ballerini. The songstress, who sings alongside Kelsea and Kelly Clarkson on "You’re Drunk, Go Home," says that she has been there to support her friend through her recent divorce.  

"Kelsea was there for me through mine,” she told ET’s Cassie DiLaura at the 2022 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, where she was one of the honorees, on Wednesday. “I'm there for her through hers. And Kelly just is the queen, so let's go."

Carly announced that she was ending her marriage to Michael Ray in 2020 after almost a year marriage. Kelsea recently announced that she was ending her marriage to Morgan Evans. Kelly is also no stranger to divorce. The former The Voice host ended her marriage to Brandon Blackstock in 2020 after seven years.  

According to Carly when Kelsea called with the song, she had no hesitation.  

"Kelsea's a really good friend of mine and she texted me over the summer and she said, ‘Hey, I have this song. Would you be interested in doing it with me?' and I listened to it once, and was like, 'I'm in,'" she shared.  

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Kelsea added to Carly’s sentiments about choosing her friends to be on the song. "That's what I'm proud about," she told ET at the event. "I wrote that song and I was like, ‘Who are people that I can call personally, that I think I know them well enough to know that they have sass and wit that will add personality to this track?’ and I called Carly first and she signed on. And then I called Kelly, and they added magic. And just to have a song with my friends like that is so cool."

The "Subject to Change" singer also credited the women for being there for her during her time of divorce.  

"I mean, obviously, like, when we were recording the song, things were different,” she shared. "Like I said, we're friends in real [life] and so that's the thing about that. You see us when we're, like, glittery and when we're, like, doing red carpets and stuff, but we have real-life conversations. So it's really nice to be able to have people that are my peers and heroes that I can go to for, like, music advice and also life advice."

2022 CMT Artists of the Year airs Oct. 14.