Carly Pearce Dishes on Best Friendship With 'Bad Influence' Kelsea Ballerini (Exclusive)

Pearce is nominated for five awards at this year's CMA ceremony.

Carly Pearce knows that her BFF, Kelsea Ballerini, is always going to bring trouble -- and they are set to have a good time at this year's CMA Awards. 

"Kelsea's a bad influence for me, she makes me do things that I haven't done since I was 21," the "What He Didn't Do" singer told ET on Sunday during rehearsals for the CMA Awards. 

During the ceremony, which takes place on Nov. 9  -- Pearce, Ballerini and Kelly Clarkson are hitting the stage together for the first time, to perform "You’re Drunk, Go Home." 

"Kelsea's my best girlfriend in this town," Pearce said. "I love Kelly Clarkson. I've met her a few times, I'm a huge fan of hers, so maybe I'm nervous to be singing backup with Kelly Clarkson. But it's gonna be so fun. We all are just fans of each other and actual girlfriends, so we're really gonna bring the sass."

And maybe bring the booze. According to Clarkson, she was drunk when she recorded her part for the song, which is featured on Ballerini’s latest album, Subject to Change. But don’t look for Pearce or Ballerini to be as successful onstage after a few drinks.  

"If you listen to her part, it's annoying that she can sing," Pearce quipped. "I cannot sing like that when I'm inebriated, neither can Kelsea. I found that out when we sang on Broadway last week. We cannot sing like Kelly." 

She added, "We got drunk and sang on Broadway, yes, we did, and it was horrendous. I saw videos after and I was like, one of us is not, two of us are not like Kelly Clarkson." 

Pearce said that following her duties at Wednesday’s ceremony, she would be "so in" for round two of karaoke with her collaborators. 

In addition to the performance with her girlfriends, Pearce is celebrating her five nominations and her chance to reclaim her title as Female Vocalist of the Year.  

"Everybody keeps asking me that," she told ET about the possibility of taking home the award again. "I mean, it was everything, everything, of course. It was the greatest moment of my life last year and it's just continued to be the best year ever, so this would be a crazy way to end it. I mean, genuinely. I was like, 'I just want one,' and I remember getting the text that said, 'You got five.' And just to think that I've made music that is impactful in this way is so special, that's all I ever wanted as a kid. So, it just really does feel crazy, I'm a little bit of a loss for words."

The world also better be ready for the three outfits Pearce has for the occasion.  

"One's denim, one's glittery and bold and then one is timeless and classic," she teased about her looks.  

In addition to having the support of Ballerini and Clarkson during her big night, Pearce can count on her boyfriend, Riley King, to cheer her on from the audience. 

"He'll be there sitting really by himself the whole night 'cause I'm busy," she joked. 

Pearce is nominated and performing at the 2022 CMA Awards airing Nov 9 at 8 p.m. on ABC. This year's ceremony is hosted by Luke Bryan and NFL star Peyton Manning. The show will also be available to stream the following day on Hulu.