Carly Pearce Denies Supporting Satan After Photo Confusion: 'There Are Absolutely Zero Underlying Messages'

Carly Pearce is reacting following a photo she took while at CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carly Pearce is setting the record straight about the so-called "hint" that she worships satan.

The country superstar took to social media and subtweeted the culprit -- a photo of her standing over a parking spot number many fans presumed to read "666." The "What He Didn't Do" singer, who had the photo snapped while at CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee last weekend, said rampant speculation is what compelled her to speak out.

"I've seen too many comments about this [photo] being some sort of 'hint' towards 666 or satan to not comment," she tweeted. "First of all, this was the parking spot for my tour bus at CMA fest & I believe it is 688. I am a devout Christian who takes PRIDE in using my platform to point people towards JESUS. So, for anyone wondering... there are absolutely ZERO underlying messages except a girl excited to be playing the big stage."

Following her tweet, fans rallied behind the 34-year-old country singer.

"Sweet not mess with mama bear..... rule #1 in survival of the strongest....... Congrats Mam, beautiful smile and an incredible voice! Tips hat. Your story in a song mam...put a smile on a heart people recognize," one fan replied. Another added, "The song with you and Matthew West is amazing don't pay attention to this nonsense people on social media will come up with all kinds of crap."

Pearce's statement came just days after she opened up to ET about her recent pericarditis diagnosis (a heart condition) and shared how it's impacting her tour plans.

"I'm OK, yeah," Pearce shared with ET during an interview on the balcony of the Historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. "It was pericarditis and a pericardial effusion, which is an inflammation and fluid inside the sac of your heart. And so I'm just kinda figuring it out as I go."

Pearce is currently supporting Tim McGraw on his 2024 Standing Room Only Tour, and she's set to start headline her own tour next February. However, due to her condition, Pearce said, "I kind of have to make adjustments just because my heart rate quite literally cannot get above a certain point."

"Fans have been really nice," Pearce added. "I had my first three shows this past weekend with Tim McGraw, and they were very kind and showed me a lot of grace. So it looks a little different right now, but we're making it [happen]."