Carey Hart Thanks 'Amazing' Wife Pink for Taking Care Of Him After Lower Spine Disc Replacement

Hart said he 'can't wait to come back stronger' on his dirt bike in 2022.

Carey Hart is recovering from surgery with some help from his wife. The 46-year-old professional motocross competitor took to Instagram on Thursday to share news of his recent medical procedure and give a sweet shoutout to Pink for being by his side throughout the journey. 

"One down and one to go!!!!! Lower spine disc replacement was a success!!!" Hart captioned a series of photos and videos from the hospital. "Up and out of bed and walking, just a few hours post surgery. Been up 5 times since this."

Hart went on to give a "special thank you" to the doctor that performed the surgery, and gushed that the staff at the hospital is "nothing short of amazing."

"I am very lucky to have this team to bolt me back together," he continued. "Glad my fusion has some company with the M6 disc replacement. Can’t wait to come back stronger than ever, and kick ass on my dirtbike in 2022."

Hart then gave a shoutout to the couple's son Jameson who "had mama bring this sloth to keep me company while in the hospital," before giving thanks to Pink.

"And a special thank you, to my amazing wife/nurse who has taken amazing care of me through all of this," he wrote. "I love you baby. Thanks to all my friends for the well wishes. Unfortunately the drugs I’m on, I can’t see my phone very well. I will respond when I can read again."

Hart's friends and fans took to the comments section of his post to send well wishes, with Channing Tatum writing: "Wow!! Legend. Stay up brother. Speedy recovery!"

The following day, Hart was headed home, and gave another health update. "Feels good to be at home," he wrote. "Obviously the meds are working w/ my stoner eyes, and it feels great to be on my feet in small doses. Kick as the next 2 weeks and start it all over again w/ a disc replacement in my neck. Good news, this surgery gave me 3/4 inch taller. 5’10 3/4 🤘🏼🤘🏼. Hopefully the neck will get me to 5’11 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks to everyone for all the kind messages."

Earlier this month, Hart celebrated Pink with a sweet Instagram birthday tribute. "So lucky to spend another birthday w/ this amazing woman," he wrote. "Baby, you try do age like a fine wine. Happy B day to the best mom, wife, friend, and bad ass on the planet. I love you."

Hart and Pink are no stranger to adventures, and the two have already instilled their fearlessness into their 10-year-old daughter, Willow, and 4-year-old son, Jameson. In June, Hart showed off photos from the kid's first rock climbing adventure

"Our kids are gnarly," he captioned a handful of photos. "Willz and Jamo’s first time outdoor rock climbing. Willz was making quick work of this 100ft face, and it was hard to get pics of her since she was charging the top. Check out her stance in these photos." 

For more on the couple, watch the video below.