Carey Hart Says He Was Happy That Pink's Documentary Showed His Vulnerable Side

In a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hart talked about his wife's doc, 'All I Know So Far.'

Carey Hart is happy his wife Pink's new documentary, All I Know So Far, showcased his more vulnerable side. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, Hart revealed that Pink hadn't even asked him how he felt about being in the documentary until two days before it premiered.

"The funny thing is, about two days before the movie came out, she's like, 'You know, I never really actually talked with you about this. How do you feel about being in it and your parts in it?'" the motocross star told DeGeneres. "And I'm like, 'Well, a little too late now.'"

"I'm kind of glad that I got to show a little bit of my vulnerable side, like being a father as opposed to --- I'm perceived as this wild, crazy motorcycle tattooed scumbag. So it's kind of nice for people to see my softer side," he added.

While Hart said he jokingly told Pink to cut out his interview in the film the day before it aired, he was glad that he got to show off a side of him the world doesn't usually get to see.

The talk show host commended Hart on his and Pink's relationship, calling it one to look up to, but the motorcycle rider said it came after 18 years of growing up together, 17 of which Hart served as the Cover Me in Sunshine singer's muse.

"We've grown up together. We've been together now 18 years and I've been her muse for about 17 of those," he shared. "So, I'm quite used to being the punching bag."

ET spoke with both Hart and Pink ahead of the documentary's premiere last month, where they talked more about growing up together and how having kids forced them to do that.

"Children made us grow up a lot more," Hart told ET at the time. "You can't be young and loose and petty and fighting as much with children, so children definitely made us grow up and prioritize and kinda get in our lane and stay in our lane. So that definitely helped out quite a bit."

Pink, who shares 10-year-old daughter Willow and 4-year-old son Jameson, with Hart, went on to credit him for holding down the fort and pressing pause on his career while she's toured and continued to make new music.

"I credit a lot of that to Carey, because Carey has his own career, but he pauses every couple of years for us," she shared. "We are a family unit. Everywhere we go, we roll together, and I'm lucky to be able to be the boss and to call the shots, and to create a universe in which they can thrive."

For more on the couple and documentary, watch the video below.