Candace Cameron Bure and Daughter Natasha Look Like Sisters in New Pics

The actress posted the shots in honor of her daughter's 23rd birthday.

Candace Cameron Bure is twinning with her daughter! The 45-year-old actress took to Instagram on Sunday to post a birthday tribute to her 23-year-old daughter, Natasha, in which the women look more like sisters than a mother-daughter pair.

In one pic, Candace and Natasha, sporting a similar wavy hairstyle, wear denim jumpsuits in different shades of blue as they stand side-by-side, each with one hand in their pocket.

Another shot features the mother-daughter duo standing on a roof, the elder Bure in black shorts and a white top, while her daughter sports a white crop top and tea-length, floral skirt.

Fans in the comments were astounded by the women's similarities, with one writing that they "could both pass for 23," and another noting that they "look like sisters."

"Happy 23rd birthday to this beauty," Candace gushed in the caption. "I love you my Tashi." Natasha returned the sentiment in the comment section, writing, "I love you!!!!!"

In addition to Natasha, Candace shares Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19, with her husband of 25 years, Val Bure. Candace is frequently candid about her and Val's physical intimacy, something her kids are fine with... to a point.

"As a mom, I have already tried to have my influence with my kids to be like, 'Dude, once you're married, have fun! This is the blessing of it and it's great,'" she told ET in November. "... I think they're pretty fine with it until I say something that embarrasses them. Which is always going to happen."

"My kids are like, 'Mom, why did you pop up on Daily Mail? Why did you pop up on this?'" Candace continued. "And I'm like, 'I'm so sorry, honey!' Sometimes I just say things and I don't mean for it to become a headline."