Camila Mendes on How Much Longer She Thinks 'Riverdale' Will Go On (Exclusive)

The CW series is currently in its sixth season.

Camila Mendes doesn't expect Riverdale to go on much longer. ET spoke with the 27-year-old actress on the red carpet at Michael Kors' Fall-Winter 2022 show at New York Fashion Week Tuesday night, and she revealed that she believes the CW series, which is currently in its sixth season, will only make it to season 7.

"I give it another season," she said. "I think we'll go through season 7. Here's hoping. We'll see."

When ET spoke with Cole Sprouse, Mendes' Riverdale co-star, back in December, he predicted a similar fate for the series.

"I think just in a straight-up legal sense, contractually it started at seven seasons, which is a pretty standard contract for film and television, so I don't know what happens after that," he said. "But the world of Riverdale is open-ended enough to kind of flex alongside that."

"But I think the quality of a wonderful program is knowing how to wrap it up and say, 'Hey, we love you guys. This is the end, and I hope you guys enjoyed the ride,'" Sprouse added. 

The series always takes viewers on a wild ride, so much so that Mendes told ET that "nothing shocks" her about the show anymore. "It's all like, 'OK, yeah. That makes sense.'"

When Mendes isn't busy on the set of Riverdale, she's "really loving" spending time on her new TikTok account.

"I thought it would be more work than it actually is," she said. "It's just fun. It's something I do when I'm in my trailer waiting for the next scene. I'll just be like, 'I'm gonna make a TikTok.'"

The New York University graduate was also thrilled to step out for Tuesday's nighttime fashion show, telling ET, "I feel like celebrating New York at nighttime, so here we are, in New York, during nighttime. I feel like it's a homecoming for me 'cause I went to college here."

New episodes of Riverdale return March 20 on The CW.