Bryan Cranston Gives His Best Ariana Madix Impersonation on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Bryan Cranston

The celebrated actor showed off his range and his versatility yet again on Tuesday's new episode.

Leave it to Bryan Cranston to elevate a Vanderpump Rules fight into the realm of high art.

The Breaking Bad alum sat down on Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, alongside his Asteroid City co-star Maya Hawke, and was coaxed into a game of "Clubhouse Playhouse."

As Cohen explained, Cranston was challenged to deliver a dramatic reading of Ariana Madix's emphatic monologue, delivered at her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval, during the dramatic Vanderpump Rules reunion special earlier this month.

"Is it alright if I don't know what I'm doing?" Cranston asked, before beginning. "I've never seen this show."

After assurances from Cohen and Hawke that he'd nail it, Cranston began, and knocked the impassioned and heated monologue out of the park.

"I've been with you for nine years, when you were literally f**king wearing combat boots and skinny jeans and you didn't have a dime to your name," read Cranston, injecting sass and defiant energy into every line. "Oh now, now, you got a little bit of money, a little bar, a little band, and this girl is going to act enamored with you? Because that's what you want. You want someone to just gas you up."

The six-time Emmy winner seemed to almost bring himself to tears as he read Madix's speech, and built to an emotional crescendo as he delivered the powerful closing lines.

"I regret ever loving you," Cranston's Madix declared, before being overwhelmed with emotion.

"Bravo" Cohen cheered, jumping up from his seat to applaud. "Give the man an Emmy!"

After already taking several home -- and earning an Oscar nom -- it would be amazing to see Cranston earn some awards season love for a 2-minute comedy skit. But if anyone could, it'd be Cranston.

The celebrated star recently spoke with ET's Rachel Smith at the premiere of Asteroid City last week, and he opened up about plans enjoy his upcoming time off with his wife, Robin Dearden, when he takes a planned acting hiatus in 2026.

"We haven't mapped it out," Cranston told ET of how he at Dearden will spend their time together. "We're thinking about [taking] a few years to come, just to kind of escape for a little bit and reacquaint with each other."

As for why now is the right time to take a break, Cranston explained, "It's now been 34 years that we've been married, and I wanna just adjust the dynamic that we have between us. It's been a whirlwind for me for the past 25 years, and she's been going with me everywhere and I just kind of want to even it out so it's not so [one-sided]."

In the meantime, Cranston's new film, Asteroid City, hits theaters June 23.