Brooke Shields Shows Off Matching Tattoos With Daughter Grier, Reacts to Her Going to College (Exclusive)

The actress admits to ET that she'll 'be a mess' when her 18-year-old daughter goes away to college.

With both of her daughters now adults, Brooke Shields will soon be an empty nester, and the actress says she's gonna take it pretty hard.

The 58-year-old star walked the carpet at a special screening of her new Netflix romcom, Mother of the Bride, in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and she spoke with ET's Deidre Behar about how her 18-year-old daughter, Grier, will soon be heading off to college.

"I'm not quite in denial but, definitely, I'm going to be a mess," Shields shared. "I really am going to be a mess."

"But I know that they're going to come back," she added. "I mean, my older daughter comes back often and, you know, they'll be my babies forever."

Shields' 20-year-old daughter, Rowan, even came back to walk the carpet with her mom at Wednesday's screening event, and the pair were all smiles as they posed together on the carpet.

Brooke Shields and daughter Rowan Henchy at a screening of the Netflix romcom Mother of the Bride on May 8, 2024. - Presley Ann/Getty Images

"If you've done it right, though, you want them to feel that freedom to start their lives, you know?" added Shields -- who shares both daughters with husband Chris Henchy.

Even when she's not around her kids in person, they're always with her in spirit -- as represented by the matching tattoos she got with each of her girls when they turned 18.

For her matching tattoo with Rowen, the pair each got ladybugs inked on their wrists. For her tattoo with Grier, she and her daughter got a line drawing of two different pairs of high heels -- one being worn by a little girl and the other by an adult.

"This is the tattoo that I got with my younger daughter, who asked me to do this on her 18th birthday," the proud mom said, showing off the ink she got on her forearm. "She used to wear my high heels all the time."

"When your daughter wants to be branded with you, you just say yes," Shields added with a laugh.

Speaking of walking the carpet with her daughter, Shields marveled, "It's so special on so many different levels... [and] the movie is so special, it touches upon so many different themes and stories and relationships.

In Mother of the Bride, Shields stars as Lana, a loving mother who travels to Thailand for her daughter Emma's (Miranda Cosgrove) wedding. Only then does she discover that her little girl is marrying the son of her ex-boyfriend (Benjamin Bratt) from college who broke her heart.

Mother of the Bride, also starring Chad Michael Murray, premieres May 9 on Netflix.