Brooke Shields Shares Tearful Update After Daughter Leaves for College

Brooke Shields and Rowan Henchy
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Shields' daughter returned for her sophomore year at Wake Forest University this week.

Brooke Shields shared a tearful video to Instagram on Friday after her 19-year-old daughter, Rowan, left to return for her sophomore year at Wake Forest University. 

"I just had to wave my daughter goodbye again," she told the camera through a few sniffles.

"I thought it would be easier the second time 'cause she’s already been away and she’s been with me all summer, but…," she adds, pausing to take a deep breath.

"I'm not making the drive with her, she's driving with her dad," Shields explained, "but she's taking my car, which was my graduation present car. It was just too painful, I don't think I can go through driving away from campus again." 

After another deep breath, she finished by saying, "If there’s anybody else going through this, we're all in it together."

"Turns out second time is NOT the charm when it comes to your baby going off to college," Shields captioned the video. "Sophomore year, here she comes. I'll be crying if you need me… 😭❤️"

Shields was open about her sadness sending Rowan to school the first time around, too. Last year, she posted a video of the drive home, showing the road through the front windshield before she turned the camera around to reveal her own tear-filled eyes.

"This was the saddest drive away from anywhere I've ever had to make," she wrote at the time. "But my baby is BEGINNING one of the most important adventures of her life to date…NOW!"