Brooke Shields’ Daughter Rowan Is Studying To Become A Broadcast Journalist, Mom Gives Her Advice (Exclusive)

Shields's daughter interviewed her famous mom at the Fashionphile event in New York City Thursday.

Brooke Shields is preparing her daughter, Rowan Henchy, for Hollywood. In an ET exclusive interview with the mother-daughter-duo, Rowan got behind the mic at the Fashionphile event in New York City Thursday, where she asked her model-actress mother a few questions about fashion, Hollywood and making it in the entertainment industry.

"Well, mom, I'm aware that you have walked countless red carpets, do you have one outfit that stands out that you wore that you felt the most comfortable and confident in?" Rowan asked.

"That's a big word, confidence, because there was one dress that I wore at the Emmys and that was a Badgley Mischka, beautiful, hot pink dress," Shields began. "But I think that the outfit that I felt the most confident in, was at the CFDA. I wore this beautiful, man-tailored suit, and I had all these -- you know Danny Joe -- it was very Karl Lagerfeld-esque. It was a tribute, and my hair was different and I felt kinda powerful on the red carpet."

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Shields passed that fashion confidence down to her daughter through her closet, with Rowan recalling the time she wore the iconic red dress her mother wore to the Golden Globes, the year she was nominated for her work in the '90s sitcom, Suddenly Susan.

"I felt confident when I wore your Golden Globes dress to my prom, so, that was when I felt the most confident," Rowan shared. "I wasn't on a red carpet, but I was on my prom red carpet."

When asked about Rowan donning the show-stopping look, Shields called the moment "emotional."

"It was so emotional," she gushed. "I wore that dress when I was nominated for a Golden Globe, and unbeknownst to me because, if I told you to go into my closet, you would have said, 'Oh, that's weird.'"

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The magic moment happened when Brooke was away and Rowan was taking a peek at her closet, looking for inspo for prom.

Shields continued, "When I was away, you went into my closet, and by yourself tried on everything in the archive closet, and you looked better than I could have ever looked in it."

"It fit me very well," Rowan agreed. 

While the 19-year-old isn't totally following in her mother's footsteps, she's not far off, studying to be a broadcast journalist and hopes to interview celebs and important figures like her mother and many others.

When it comes to the advice Shields has for her daughters Rowan and Grier, 16, the number one thing she stressed is for them to make sure they're doing something they love.

"You know what I always say," Shields said. "I always say, make sure that you find a vocation that you absolutely love, and do it the hardest, work the hardest at it. Start wherever you're allowed to, wherever you're invited and work as hard as you can. No job is too small, and stay focused on what you love and what you want to do."

She added, "Don't let anybody just say, because they say, 'No,' that that's your own answer."

As for Rowan's interview, Shields praised the aspiring journalist's natural listening skills and ability to segway into the next part of the interview.

"I've been interviewed by you twice now, and my favorite thing, is that naturally you listen, and you try to find a way to respond, as well as segway into the next question," Shields shared. "And if the segway doesn't work or if I've already answered part of that question, you move on and don't just read the questions, you interpret them."

Shields continued, "And I think that that's the key to being interviewed, you just want to know someone's listening to you. It's hard because you have to read the room, you have to be engaged with the person, you have to know your questions and you have to be able to be involved in it as a conversation, and you did that naturally."

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