Britney Spears Wishes Sons Preston and Jayden a Happy Birthday Amid Estrangement: 'Love You Both So Much'

The singer shared two photos of her children from last year after recently addressing a rift between their family.

Britney Spears is celebrating her sons' latest trip around the sun.

The pop star marked the birthdays of her two children -- Preston and Jayden, who respectively turn 17 and 16 this week -- with a post on Instagram. Britney's birthday wishes come amid a time of estrangement and public drama for the family. 

"Happy birthday Preston and Jayden 🎉🎈!!! Love you both so much 🥰 !!! These photos are from last year !!!" Britney captioned her post. In the first image shared, Britney poses with her arm around Preston -- who sticks his tongue out at the camera. In the next, she's seen sandwiched between her boys as they pose in a festively decorated lobby at Christmas time. 

Just days earlier, Britney spoke out about her estrangement from her sons and the loss she feels in the wake of their ongoing, highly publicized rift. The pop star shares her two sons with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, whom she was married to from 2004 to 2007.

In a series of audio clips posted on Saturday, Spears emotionally revealed, “Since they've been gone, I've honestly felt like a huge part of me has died. Literally, I have no purpose anymore. They were my joy. They were my everything. I look forward to seeing them. That was what I live for. And then all of a sudden, they were gone and I was like, 'Oh my God, did my heart just stop beating?'"

She went on to address the change in her and Federline's custody agreement. In September 2019, the exes amended their agreement away from a 50-50 split, with Federline caring for the boys 70 percent of the time. 

Spears explained that she “used to have my kids at one point, way more.” She continued, “I mean, people don’t remember that part because they always focused on the negative, but from when they were 6 to 9 years old, I had them 70 percent of the time.” 

Earlier this month, Federline and their youngest son, Jayden, sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes Australia where they revealed Spears is currently not in contact with her sons. 

"Yeah, so the boys have decided that, you know, they're not seeing her right now," Kevin said of Jayden and Preston's choice. "It's been a few months since they've actually even seen her." 

Addressing the rift, Spears said, “I don’t understand how it’s so easy for them, just to cut me off like that. I don’t understand it.”

She continued, "All I know is my love for my children is more than anything, and I'm sorry if I hurt you guys in any way."

She went on to offer a message of hope for reconciliation. "Until then, Jayden and Preston, I adore you. I was told you guys have blocked me. I hope you're using your punching bag I gave you," she said. "You guys are unbelievable in the gym. Happy early birthday. You guys can do pull-ups. Wow. You're skilled in everything you do. I'm so blessed to even call you mine."


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